For All Mankind Season 2: When will it come out?

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For All Mankind Season 2 Cast and Trailer

If you have a great interest in space and you haven’t watched For All Mankind series on Apple TV+ then, you can check out its first season exclusively on Apple TV+. All of you may don’t know that Apple also has its online streaming platform which is known as Apple TV+ and For All Mankind Season 1 is one of the first sets of series which was started rolling on Apple TV+. If you have a great interest in cosmology and space then you should not miss this great series produced by apple.

The people who watch All Mankind season 1 found it astonishing and ravishing. In the series, we can learn about what was happened in the era of 1960s between the United States of America and the USSR now known as Russia in the battle of space. If you don’t know who wins the battle of Race is that NASA for the space agency from Russia also known as the Soviet Union before you can check out this series to know the details about the race which was happened a long time ago. No clarity landed on the moon first. Was that Neil Armstrong? You don’t know you can check all the details in this series.

Our team also likes the series very much and is waiting for All Mankind season 2 only on Apple TV plus. Of course, you have to buy this option to watch the series but that will make sense. According to the tweet of Executive producer Maril Davis off the Great series, he tells the fans off season 1 that the shooting for season 2 will start on 22nd of December 2020.

For All Mankind Season 2 Cast and Trailer
Apple TV+ Owned Series For All Mankind Lead Cast


As we mentioned that the shooting of the series started in December 2019. Started on time but it could not end that time due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all over the globe. Earlier we were expecting to get the new season of For All Mankind at the beginning of 2021 but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it may have been delayed to the mid of 2021. Due to coronavirus as all the actors are in lockdown at their homes, no one is available for the shoot. But the creator of this series is there shows that they will be back as soon as this coronavirus pandemic settle down.


A small teaser for season 2 of this Apple series has already revealed by Apple TV on its official Youtube channel. It has easily crossed 250k+ views in a short period of time. If you want you can definitely check out the trailer below.


As per the cast of season 2 is concerned we want to assure you that the cost will be the same as season 1. Because of the great success of For All Mankind season 1 the director, as well as a producer, don’t want to replace the actors. So you will be seeing the following after you have already seen if you have watched this series in season 1.

Season 2 includes Joel Kinnaman played by Edward Baldwin, Shanel VanSanten played by Karen Baldwin, Michael Dorman played by Gordo Stevens, Sarah Jones played by  Tracy Stevens, Jodi Balfour played by Ellen Wilson, Wrenn Schmidt played by Margo Madison, and Nate Corddry played by Larry Wilson.

For the support of the above actors, we also have these actors you may have noticed in the Season 1 of All Mankind: Sonya Walger played by Molly Cobb, Arturo del Puerto Octavio Rosales, Olivia Trujillo played by Aleida Rosales, Krys Marshall played by Danielle Poole and Wallace Langham played by Harold Weisner.

You can look For All Mankind in a similar spot as Season 2: On Apple TV+. In the event that you saw Season 1, at that point, you as of now have the membership and that is extremely cool for you, my fellows. Yet, on the off chance that you’re understanding this and acknowledge you don’t have Apple TV+, at that point ensure you get a membership (it’s still $4.99/month) and afterwards gorge Season 1 so you’re prepared for the following part.


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