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Read Kengan Omega Chapter 76 update, Spoilers, and Recap

Kengan Omega

This chapter is named Gott-Toter since Julius manages to get up on the count of 8 he is back at his best form. Before Julius came to the fight Muteba Gizenga visits him at his training gym and Muteba said he was expecting him to have a modern gym. They met at Hamburg Germany one month earlier before Julius is set up to fight Toad Mudo. Julius was busy lifting weights and he asked Muteba what does he want.

Muteba told him that only one month left for the competition to be re-schedule. He reminds Julius that he is the one who talked with Miss Tomari for Julius to participate. Julius promise Muteba that he has become more strong and no one can put shame on him. That is when Jiluis learned his new powerful technique ”Good Killer Rock Drills.”

This week’s post is about Kengan Omega Chapter 76 update and recap. Kengan Omega is also known as Kengan Ashura 2 or Kenga Asura 2. Julius wants to fulfill his promise that he made back with Muteba. The promise is that no one will ever put shame on Julius, let’s see if he will manage to do it below. First, take a look at the Manga’s schedule down here.

Kengan Omega chapter 76 will be released on Thursday, 11 September 2020. Every Thursday new chapter of Kengan Omega is released. Watch out for some possibilities of next chapters spoilers when you continue. Take a look at the recap of the last chapter and more updates below.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega Chapter 75

Back to the present the fight still continues. Julius unleashes his new technique and fighters in the stand are in a shock to see the strong muscles of Julius. Toad Mudo’s nose is bleeding from the earlier punch that sends him down. Toad said that Julius’ technique won’t work on him while taking a stance and ready to clash with him.

Kengan fighters think that Julius is on fire and the victory will be theirs. Julius counters towards Toad who is unleashing a Hauwai Maunganawa secret technique. Julius dominated Toad and destroys him with his secret Technique in one punch. The referee Shina Alisa is shocked meanwhile Toad is down.

Toad couldn’t get up and Julius won by a KO wich makes Kengan get their first victory in this competition. The doctors have gathered inside the ring taking care of Toad. Now it is Purgatory 2 and Kengan Association 1. There are still ten matches to go, soon we will see who will win the competition.

As of now, there is no official website for you to read Kengan Omega Manga online, it is available on the Manga One magazine and mobile app, so you can support the creator by buying the magazine. You can read the Kengan Omega latest chapters online on unofficial sites, but we highly advise you to support the official release as it supports the creators.

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