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Splitsvilla Season 12 Episode 10: Wildcard Entry Bhavin Bhanushali And All We Know

Splitsvilla Season 12
Splitsvilla Season 12 (Credits: MTV)

Splitsvilla is the Uber famous reality TV show that airs on MTV for 12 years now and hence the show is in its 12 seasons. So far we have crossed 9 episodes of Season 12, the 10 one is an episode that will take the whole season forward. Why I say this is because, of elimination dome session.

Last Friday’s episode was the most viewed episode of all time as it had all the necessary elements of drama and sensationalism. It was all about rivalry, twists, and feuds. The episode began with a task, the contestants: Alfez, Aradhana and Piyush Priyamvada. So amongst those who win this particular task, they will fight against the Chosen Ones – i.e. Ashish and Miesha for the place of Chosen Ones.

Splitsvilla Season 12 Episode 10

Splitsvilla Season 12 (Credits: MTV)

The rest of the contestants saw a neck and neck between Piyush and Alfez. In the episode, there was a time where Piyush had taken a huge lead, and most of us watching the episode believed that he would win. As fate would have it, he, unfortunately, lost to Alfez. Alfez and Aradhana won the whole thing and were suppose to compete against Ashish and Miesha. After a lot of ridiculous drama, eventually, Ashish and Miesha won the task.

The upcoming episode will also see Rannvijay and Sunny Leone challenging chosen ones – i.e. Alfez & Aradhana and Miesha & Ashish. Miesha & Ashish are the most compatible of all people, they will prove it yet again, in the villa by winning the ‘Love dangal’ task against Alfez & Aradhanaa.

The next big thing is about the various conspiracies and game plans by the contestants. As they will vote the fellow mates out in the dome session. In the next dome session, we will get to see Rannvijay asks each Splitsvillian  to write the name of the person whom they think can be their ideal match.

As this progresses, the disclosures will leave the announcers as well as the current ideal matches in surprise. Between all of this drama, Aahana gets into loggerheads with Bhavya. The Splitsvillians are surprised to see turmoil in the bliss of two couples- Hridya-Uday and Jinal-Shrey.

2 of the contestants will be dumped. OMG! The oracle wants to send a message for the first time in this season an nd we also have a wild card entry! It’s none other than Bhavin Bhanushali.

The game is going to be just more interesting with Bhavin coming. We just can’t wait for Friday.

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