Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare leaks Reveals New Maps And New Game Modes

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare New Maps And New Game Modes
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (Credits: Activision)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a great game that has a very strong campaign story that is loved by the series fans. The only problem that the fans had with this game was multiplayer which 19 and among then only 10 are available with the rest been maps of Gun Fight or Ground War match types. But this might be changing really soon now as there is a chance that Modern Warfare will get new maps, to be exact 38 maps. Some of these maps will include fan favorites from the original Modern Warfare trilogy.

This was revealed by a Reddit user Senescallo who lists the 38 map names with some accompanying images. Maps of note include Call of Duty 4‘s Crash and Shipment, Modern Warfare 2‘s Sub Base and Rust, and one named Stadium – a possible remake of a Black Ops map. On the other hand, the Call of Duty fansite CharlieIntel found possible new modes. This includes Demolition, Gun Game, Infected, and Capture the Flag could make a comeback, it seems, while there are also descriptions for new modes such as Fire Mission and Rupture.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare leaks
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (Credits: Activision)

It is worth noting that these maps and modes might not end up in the game. Some developers simply hedge their bets by putting placeholders in-game files, and these plans can change. But some of the time, their existence is at least encouraging for those struggling with the game’s current map rotation. Down below are the name of the maps and the game mode which might be arriving in Modern Warfare.



• Cage (mp_m_cage)
• Cargo (mp_m_cargo)
• Hook (mp_m_hook)
• Exclusion Zone (mp_m_exclusion)
• Shoot House (mp_m_speed)

6V6 / 10V10

• Aniyah Tac (mp_aniyah_tac)
• Crash (mp_crash3)
• Dam (mp_dam)
• Krovnik Farmland (mp_farms2)
• Gulag (mp_gulag)
• Hospital (mp_hospital)
• Layover (mp_layover)
• Lowline (mp_lowline)
• Lumber (mp_lumber)
• Malyshev (mp_malyshev)
• Milbase (mp_millbase)
• Oasis (mp_oasis)
• Port (mp_port2)
• Prison (mp_prison)
• Rivne (mp_rivne)
• Shipment (mp_shipment)
• Shipmight (Day) (mp_shipment_am)
• Shipment (Night) (mp_shipment_pm)
• Slums (mp_slums)
• Stadium (mp_stadium)
• Sub Base (mp_subbase_lm)
• Super (mp_super)
• Urzikstan (mp_syrkistan)
• Torez (mp_torez)
• Transit (mp_transit)
• TV Station (mp_tvstation)
• Faridah (mp_faridah)
• UnnamedRust (mp_rust)
• Takedown (mp_takedown)
• Borderline (mp_borderline)


• Smetna Farms (mp_farms2_gw)


• Gun Course (mp_t_gun_course)
• Marksman Range (mp_t_sn_reflex)


• Showdown (+ Hardcore) (gametype_showdown)

• Onslaught (gametype_onslaught)

• Incursion (gametype_incursion)

• Fireteam (+ Hardcore) (gametype_fireteam)

• Breach (gametype_breach)

• Arms Race (+ Hardcore) (gametype_arm)

• Team Juggernaut (gametype_tjugg): Each team has a Juggernaut. Juggernaut kills are worth more points. The first team to reach the score limit wins.

• Reinforce (gametype_siege): Capture points to revive fallen teammates. Taking all points will win the round.

• Rupture (gametype_rugby): Take control of a powerful Juggernaut and push to the enemy’s base to win.

• One in the Chamber (gametype_oic): Gain Ammo by eliminating enemies. Highest score wins.

• Invasion (+ Hardcore) (gametype_blitz): Take your team’s flag into the enemy team’s base.

• Infected (gametype_infect): Eliminated Survivors become Infected.

• Infect everyone, or survive the game to win.

• High-Value Target (gametype_hvt): Gain score by eliminating players on the opposing team. Extract high-value enemy combatants to steal score back.

• Gun Game (gametype_gun): Be the first player to score a kill with each one of the provided weapons.

• Grind (gametype_grind): Recover dog tags and take them to the objective marker to score for your team.

• Drop Zone (gametype_dropzone): Hold the Drop Zone to earn points and Drone Packages.

• Demolition (gametype_demo): Teams alternate in attacking and defending two bomb sites, both of which must be destroyed by the attacking team equipped with bombs.

• Defender (gametype_tdef): Capture the drone and hold it to upload data and earn points for your team.

• Search and Rescue (gametype_sr): Teams take turns defending and destroying an objective. Recover dog tags to allow or deny respawns.

• Capture the Flag (gametype_ctf): Get the enemy flag and return it to your base.

• Fire Mission (+ Hardcore) (gametype_btm): Eliminate enemies, capture HQ’s and extract VIPs to earn score for your team.

• Assault (gametype_assault): Attackers attack bomb site. Defenders defend!

• All or Nothing (gametype_aon): Spawn with a custom pistol, throwing knife and no starting ammo. Extra perks are gained on kills, but you lose everything on death.

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