Brendan O’Carroll From Mrs Brown’s Boys Replies Sharply To Critics

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O’Carroll, who is known for playing Brendan O’Carroll, has been seen taking side with BBC sitcom when it comes to viewers’ reactions, both positive and negative. The actor was seen dealing with the critics, asking them to change the channel.

Carroll and his wife’s comments

Carroll shared how he focuses on making the people laugh, and after the performance, he gets a shower and doesn’t think about the show. He further mentions that the show has already received four NTA awards, and that says enough about how much people love it and are ready to shout its name. His wife, Jennifer Gibney, made a remark that she did not understand why the series made the people so annoyed. She agreed that there might have been a few scenes or moments of dislike, but how can the entire show be so annoying.

The sharp reply to critics from O’Carroll also represented his resentment toward all the critical reviews that they had received. The response cannot be subjected as an outcome of anger because O’Carroll argued with facts and not feelings. He mentioned the awards that they had got and argued that if the show had been so bad, they wouldn’t have received such awards.

With slamming over the critics’ faces, he clarified that he has nothing to do with their comments and opinions, and they can simply change the channel. Lastly, he also shows sincerity to the show and his performance and tries to give his best, but once the show is over, he does not concern himself with the reviews so much.

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