Wanda Vision to be Heavily influenced by Sitcoms! Shows You Can Tune in to get Ready

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After a whole year of zero releases, Marvel Studios is finally making its wave to make sure 2021 becomes the year embraced by the company and carries the title of the brand. With Wanda Vision being the first project out on Marvel’s new home Disney Plus, things look promising and fans are already making theories on what we can expect from the show comparing it to the comics. Although there are still not many details on how the show may play out after the Infinity saga and what effect it would have on the universe of Marvel, there are new details about the show that were seen to be making waves back in November.

During an interview with Empire Magazine, Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios had made a statement that Wanda Vision will be heavily influenced by a number of TV sitcoms and will feature the style of those shows including the mockumentary “camera shakeups”, “talk to cameras” or in simple words “documentary-style set-up”.

So here we are with the details and five shows which you can catch up on this month before Wanda Vision hits in January.

Kevin Feige on Wanda Vision taking cues from which Sitcoms

Wanda VIsion to be influenced by Sitcoms

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed his love for sitcoms during an interview and how the 30-minute slots were an escape for him from the world. He went on to talk about his favorite sitcoms and shared an insight on how Wanda Vision will take on the elements of sitcoms like “Modern Family” and “The Office” and feature a mockumentary style of shoot. The show is speculated to have all the talking to camera, camera shakeups, and documentary style setup.

Kevin Feige quoted, “I loved TV and watched far too much The Dick Van Dyke Show and I Love Lucy and Bewitched and everything, We go up to the Modern Family and The Office style. The talk-to-the-camera, shaky-camera, documentary style.”

So here are five shows you can watch to get ready for the new Wanda Vision’s format of the show.

  • The Office (Both US & UK Version)

Wanda VIsion to be influenced by Sitcoms

Probably the pioneers in making the documentary style of sitcoms popular are the two versions of the show “The Office” which was originally developed for UK television. It blew in popularity when it was later adapted for a US version which was brilliant on its own.

The show features a branch of a paper company and the day-to-day lives of its employees and their unique traits which make the show funnier on another level. The show is a complete entertainer with brilliant comical plots and relatable sequences. From the funny antics of the Boss to the fairytale love story blooming at the scene, the show has it all.

The UK version currently has two seasons. On the other hand, the US version is stacked with nine seasons available on Netflix only till January 1st, 2020 before it leaves for NBC’s Peacock streaming service, so you have a few days to catch up.

  • Modern Family

Wanda VIsion to be influenced by Sitcoms

This is kind of a family show if we are talking, to be honest. It is one of the recent shows that had a huge impact on the sitcom side of television. Owned by Disney itself as a part of ABC studios, the show features three families and their day-to-day up and downs with their and kids and how they solve them.

Since the show is owned by Disney itself, who knows we might see a lot of cues tuned in. The show is currently streaming on ABC.com and on different platforms around the world.

  • Friends

Wanda VIsion to be influenced by Sitcoms

Now comes the most famous sitcom on the list. “Friends” had its own impact on the television world and became a huge part of the 90s and 2000s pop culture embracing the sitcom-style heavily with its own insight and remains to be in trend even today.  So don’t blame if Wanda Vision takes inspiration from some scenes as they are so popular and relatable even today. The show features a group of friends and their day-to-day adventures.

The show is available on different platforms in different countries, but most popularly on HBO Max with all 10 seasons.

  • Parks and Recreations

Wanda VIsion to be influenced by Sitcoms

The torch of The Office was passed onto Parks and Recreations and the show followed a similar suite of mockumentary style of shooting. And yes, please don’t let the first season stop you because of the slow character development, because it manages to pick up brilliantly in the following season and remains to be one of the most talked-about sitcoms in recent memory.

The show features the Parks and Recreation department headed by Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope. Leslie Knope tries to make her city of Pawnee, Indiana a better place for a living while also dealing with her lazy employees and dark sides of their Government employees.

The show is set to start streaming on NBC’s Peacock while it is available on different platforms around the world.

  • That 70′ show

Wanda VIsion to be influenced by Sitcoms

Now, this the most important sitcom to look for, because “The 70’s show” was a show that wasn’t technically released in the 70s but managed to re-instate and recreate the magic of that era featuring a family’s day-to-day life from the 1970s to 1980s. Since Wanda Vision is also set to travel through different timelines, this show is probably the one that is a must on your watchlist. The show has 8 stacked seasons.

So these are few shows you can catch-up while you wait for Wanda Vision which will let us into a new format embraced by Marvel Studios.

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