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One Punch Man Season 2: Chikashi Kubota’s Role, More Spoilers, update And Updates

One Punch Man Season 2 update

One Punch Man is making a glamorous return to TV later this year as Season 2 of the show was announced in August 2018. There was a huge confusion surrounding the update of One Punch Man Season 2 due to information coming directly from YonkouProductions himself.

He suggested that One Punch Man Season 2 would come out in 2020, which would make sense because the show needs time to be produced properly. However, as it turns out, that information was wrong. One Punch Man is set to make its return later this year, in April. So this certainly means that we have an incredible season at our hands right?

One Punch Man Season 2

Well, not quite. One Punch Man Season 2 is going to be okay, but definitely not as good as the first one because of a multitude of reasons. The staff that handled One Punch Man Season 1 was chosen very carefully, and Chikashi Kubota was one of the stars of that delivery.

Kubota ‘s job was that of a Chief Animation Supervisor and Character Designer for One Punch Man Season 1. He was excellent at it, and it is because of his supervision and corrections, everything was animated so perfectly. Kubota will be there as the Chief Animation Supervisor for One Punch Man Season 2, which is very worrying.

We don’t know who will be replacing him in that role, but very few can actually do a job as good as Kubota. If you check the character designs for One Punch Man season 2, they’re very different from the first season designs, and a difference is strangely noticeable.

Kubota hasn’t really been uninvolved in One Punch Man Season 2, and he had this to say when questioned on the change in the studio: “Hmm, in the PV? I wonder if the change of studio is noticed on screen…”

Kubota may be as an Animation Director on the first few episodes, but his involvement on the show is minimal, and I just hope it doesn’t leave as big a dent as I think it will. One Punch Man Season 2 comes out in April 2019.

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