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Emma DVD, Digital, and Blu-ray Trailer

Emma DVD update

In this post, Well look forwards to the comedy Drama English drama directed by Autumn de Wilde. Co-Produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Graham Broadbent, and Pete Czernin. The story is based on Jane Austen’s novel of 1815. The screenplay is carried out by Eleanor Catton.  Perfect World Pictures, Working Title Films, and Blueprint Pictures are the production companies involved in producing the comedy Drama. Distributing right is taken over by Focus Features. Initial Response of the movie from critics looks positive. The Flim was released during February this month. Till now, the film has grossed around 25$ million worldwide. The production has made an official announcement to release the DVD Blueray version in May 2020.


Emma Storyline

In Regency Era England, Emma Woodhouse, a wealthy girl, searches for a new partner after her governess, Miss Taylor, marries and becomes Mr. Weston and becomes Mrs.weston.Harriet Smith, a  young educated girl whim Woodhouse tends unclaimed child of a gentleman. Nobody knows her parents, whom she belonged too. Emma Believes that talented tenant farmer, Mr.Robert Martin. Harriet, the little young girl, received a love proposal from Mr.Knightley.Emma makes a statement that she will not attend interferer in their love life. Emma using her influence, makes Harriet accepting to Mr.Martin’s marriage proposal. Emma finds out Mr.Elton, the local visual love towards the Harries, and directs her to transfer her love hope on him.

During the month of December on a winter evening, Emma’s older sister and Mr.Knightley’s younger brother come to visit. Emma finds herself to be alone with Mr.Elton after everyone has left the dinner.Mr.Elton proposes Emma, and she refuses to accept his love proposal. In a fit of anger, Elton leaves the city for six long weeks and comes back with his wife. Frank Churchill’s aunt, one of the prominent and wealthy people, passes away. Weston expressed her secret engagement with Jane Fairfax and was waiting for years for her aunt to die. Emma expresses her distress to Harriet. Emma finally breaks out the news to Harriet and her interest in Mr.Knightley.Emma feels guilty about Harriet. Meanwhile, Mr.Knightley Expresses his love towards Emma and hopes to marry her, Emma got pleased with the Marriage offer from Knightley. Emma meets Martin and explains. Harriet tells she has accepted the Mr.Martins offer on marriage and also reveals her father is not a gentleman actually a tradesman

Emma Trailer

Emma is a comedy story which involves many characters playing their role. Emma and Harriet find their love after a lot of tragedy. All the characters are interconnected and provides a smooth flow of the script. Harriet and Emma play a vital role in the entire drama. The story finally ends with Emma accepting Mr. Knightley and Harriet after a long funny tragedy accepting Mr. Martin.

Though Emma and Mr. Knightley we’re in love with each other, Emma could not convince her to leave her father alone. Mr. Knightley expressed his good heart to accommodate her wish to join her there. Emma was happily convinced and married to Mr. Knightley. The play has already gained positive responses from critics around the globe. The main characters Emma and Harriet, have done justice to the play.


Emma’s DVD version will be releasing in May 2020 alongside the Blu-ray version of the movie. It will be released on Digital platforms sometime in May as well, we will update you when the update is confirmed.