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Rocket Pass 3 New Features And What To Expect

Rocket Pass 2 came to an end last month. Ever since that development, fans have been wondering about the Rocket Pass 3 update in Rocket League verse. While we are sure, Rocket Pass 3 is right around the cover; a lot needs to be taken care of. For the sake of precision, Rocket Pass 2 came to an end on March 18′ 2019. So those of you, who were you after any last-minute items or Rocket Pass Levels, your time’s up. That means another Rocket Pass should be along the way. But when is that? Keep reading to know the exact details.

Rocket League has proved to be a massive success for Psyonix, I mean it may lag in today’s theme of Battle-Royale-Fortnite themed games, but it holds its position in the gaming world. Does that mean, the makers of Rocket Pass will shift to Battle Royale mode? No, that’s highly unlikely. I mean, Battle Royale will see fresh challenges in the form of new modes such as basketball, ice hockey, etc. But it’s just Fortnite that that keeps the game going with things such as new items, modes, and challenges.

When it comes to Rocket League, people like you and I hope that there’s always room to do better. The Rocket Pass was introduced in 2018, solely to earn profits. It is a way to compete for playing time and profits with the likes of Fortnite. Since it’s a simple tier- leveling up against rewards system, that’s the main issue. It gets boring, and 2019 is going to be the fifth run of Rocket franchise, let’s hope they introduce better challenges in the Rocket League mix, like for example, competing league challenges.

Completing challenges should be introduced, per season, weekly, daily, or monthly. They could help us earn XP, Keys to open crates and so forth.

So far as theof Rocket Pass is concerned, we don’t know for sure. But we can take a look at Rocket Pass 1 and Rocket Pass 2 to understand the situation. What we know is that there were a good two weeks wait between Rocket Passes. Rocket Pass 2 began on December 10, 2018, and ended on March 18, 2019. Rocket Pass 1, on the other hand, ended on November 26, 2018. Based on this information, Rocket Pass, the third iteration should drop somewhere in April of 2019. It’s a waiting game from here.