One Piece Chapter 977 Spoilers [New Information]: Kaidou’s Son Revealed

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One Piece Chapter 977 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 977 are here. Another interesting week with One Piece, last week, we had a fantastic chapter, and in last week’s chapter, we finally got to see Jinbei, and he was officially introduced as one of the strawhats crew members. We got to see here and there little tidbits between the scabbard as well as the true power of Kanjuro, and how capable fighter he is.

On the other hand, Kajuro took away Momonsuke on the crane he drew, and in the next panels, we see Eustass Kidd, Trafalgar Law, and Monkey D. Luffy setting the sail to go to Onigashima. Now, we have official spoilers for One Piece 977, and we will be sharing that with you right here.

One Piece Chapter 977 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 977 Title: “The party is over.”

In the cover, Chiffon and Lola are reunited!

Starts off with the Strawhats welcoming Jinbe, Nami and Chopper tell them how amazing Jinbe’s technique is, and Franky is glad that they finally got someone to bring out the full potential of this ship of a dream, he went on to suggest to make a toast, with Luffy and Usopp agreeing.

Kin’emon tries to get them to join in the discussion of their plan. Shishilian jumped onto Law’s submarine; he says that since Dog acts as one of Kozuki Oden’s vassals in this battle, he’ll take on the responsibility of leading the Minks.

Hyogoro says that he’ll be in charge of the samurais of Wano. Kin’emon starts explaining his plan, revealing that Onigashima is an island surrounded by mountains, the giant skull in the middle is connected to the mountains, and there’s a castle inside.

After explaining, Denjiro: “I see, that’s the plan Kanjuro also heard, a plan to fool him…, what’s the real plan?” Kin’emon :(what)

And Law cuts in and saves him by saying his plan, and Kin’emon pretends that it’s all according to his plan. Then they realize Sunny is gone. An explosion in the distance. Denjiro said he hasn’t told them about the Torii gates, and they are worried about the Strawhats.

But, the enemies have been taken care of. Luffy punched a huge guy with horns. Sanji asked Zoro where he got the alcohol from, and apparently, Zoro smelled it already all the way from when they were talking about a toast.

They were about to have a toast, but Luffy changed his mind, he says that they’ll have the biggest party ever after they sent Kaido, Orochi and Big Mom flying and win the battle. Kidd told them to get out of his way and sails on; he says that he’ll take Kaido’s head and decorate his ship’s stem with it. Luffy told Jinbe not to fall behind.

We switched to inside the skull; there’re silhouettes of characters partying, among them is a big lizard-looking one. We also see Orochi telling people(probably women) to get closer.

Queen yells that there’s not enough oshiruko, but his subordinate said he has to wait since Big Mom is also here. Kaido said his son should at least show his face at a banquet. Lastly, we see the legs of the Flying Six.

One Piece Chapter 977 Spoiler Part 2

Spoiler Image 01 Translation

Kaido: Hicc~~ What’s that guy doing
?: what?
Kaido: I’m talking about my son!! He should at least show his face!! It’s a banquet!!!
?: we’ll search for him immediately
Kaido?: Yeah, we’ll have him meet Linlin…
?: Big Mom is currently changing into kimono…!!
Spoiler Image 02 Translation
The Flying Six have arrived!!!

Spoiler Image 04 Translation

Law: Regardless of what kind of strategy you guys come up with, there are idiots that will try to embark on Onigashima from the front gates. There will be approximately two of them.
???: Idiot?
Law: The Idiots will work well as a diversion!! As such, as planned, everyone…(it’s cut off)

Spoiler Image 05 Translation

Subordinate: Lord Kaido, all of the Flying Six have assembled here!! Please have a look…!!
Kaido: Let’s see, we’ll have Linlin meet them… where’s that woman?
Subordinate: Big Mom is currently changing into kimono…!!
Kaido: What?!
Beasts Pirates: Let them through!!!

Spoiler Image 06 Translation

Luffy: You really got me worried
Jinbe: My apology, have to treat the injured ones of the Sun Pirates, and there was a big sent-off…!!
??: To think Jinbe, a former Warlord, is one of us!!

We will be sharing the spoilers as soon as they are out, we will be updating this post, so check back again.

One Piece Chapter 977 will be released on April 12, 2020, on Viz Media.

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