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One Punch Man Live Action Movie Under Development By Sony

One Punch Man Live Action Movie
One Punch Man Live Action Movie

This might come as good news for One Punch Man fans as it was recently officially confirmed that Sony is working on producing One Punch man live-action movie for Holywood. Scott Rosenberg will be the scriptwriter for the upcoming movie and will be working together with Jeff Pinker. The film will be produced by Avi Arad who also worked on Marvel comics. In this post, I will be sharing with you guys the latest development about One Punch Man movie including when it might likely hit the Cinemas. Take a look at the latest developments below.

One Punch Man Movie Production

This project will be helmed by Sony and Rosenberg and Pinker has been working on most of the major projects from Sony. They also worked on hit movies like Venom, Jumanji, and Spider-Man 2. Considering how One Punch man has some comedic aspect into it which is mainly derived from making fun of anime tropes. It might be a little challenging to adapt that into a live-action movie. Anime live-action movies don’t usually perform as much as the main anime series did. Just like how we all saw it with Dragon Ball Evolution and Ghost in The Shell. Well, maybe we might see something different this time. Check out more details about the movies below.

When Is One Punch Man Movie update?

One Punch Man Movie will be released in 2021, I mean given that the movie is already underworld, it might hit the studio by next year as this has become a high budget movie and could take some time to make. Nonetheless, the release of the movie has not been officially talked of. For now, the production of the movie is the only thing confirmed to be going on. And the story has not been given out yet as well. So it only leaves fans wondering after two seasons of anime as to what will be fitted in this movie as it might run for a few hours.

What Will Happen In One Punch Man Movie?

One Punch Man Live Action Movie Fan Art

One Punch Man Live-Action Movie Fan Art

One thing we will know for sure is that there will be Saitama doing his deeds of knocking out enemies with just one punch. And just like most movies, it could center around one enemy that Saitama might be working out to defeat, and then that will be the end of the movie. But this would be a traditional approach and wouldn’t work so well for One Punch Man. We all know that with Saitama things end with just One Punch. So maybe it might take the approach of the anime and Saitama will have several antagonists that he will have to face.

This is the first Action movies in the franchise and given how other Animes have performed with their movies it came to a point where no second movie was made. So there is a lot of difference when anime takes things to Hollywood and it usually doesn’t end up well. Fans have already voiced out their criticisms that this will not go well. But since the movie is coming, either way, let us wait to see how this will go. Although chances are that there might not be as many surprises since we have already seen how it goes.