After Life Season 2 Soundtracks: Names and Where to Listen?

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After Life Season 2
After Life Season 2

After Life Season 2 Soundtracks became really popular among the fans of this series. The British comedy-drama series After Life is preparing for its third season, and fans of the show are extremely excited about it. The show made its official debut in 2019 on Netflix and has become pretty popular among the audiences, however, apart from the storyline, fans are showing high interest in the soundtracks that the show has employed in its season 2.

According to the latest reports, the soundtracks have been well-thought-of and have managed to impress the fans to a great extent, so it isn’t surprising to see that fans are looking forward to hearing them or download them to have a copy forever. There are numerous tracks and we have gone the extra mile to gather all the information regarding the soundtracks and their creators, so here is everything you need to know about the soundtracks used in Afterlife Season 2 and where you can listen to them.

After Life Season 2
After Life Season 2

Season 2 was well-received by the audiences who praised the performances of the actors and the story progression, and just like season 1, season 2 featured a total of 6 new episodes and all of them were directed and written by Rick Gervais.

Who is in the Cast of After Life Season 2?

The cast for After Life Season 2 includes Ricky Gervais as Tony Johnson, Roisin Conaty as Daphne, Ethan Lawrence as James, Jo Hartley as June, Tracy Ann Oberman as Rebecca, Laura Patch as Jill, Anti as Brandy, Tim Plester as Julian Kane, Bill Ward as Simon, Peter Egan as Paul, Colin Hoult as Ken Otley, and many others.

What are the soundtracks used in After Life Season 2?

The soundtracks used in After Life Season 2 are as follows:

  • Lovely Day by Bill Withers, Menagerie
  • Only One by Reem
  • Hymn for the Greatest Generation by Caspian
  • Higher by Reem
  • Get to Know Me by Tony K
  • Kids Will Be Skeletons by Mogwai, Happy Songs For Happy People
  • Ashes by Tony K
  • Satellite of Love by Lou Reed, Transformer
  • Holding On by Tony K
  • Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time) by Elton John, Honky Chateau
  • No Offence by Tony K
  • Lady Marmalade by Patti LaBelle, Best of Patti LaBelle
  • Die Alone by Tony K
  • A Gallant Gentleman by ‘We Lost The Sea,’ Departure Songs
  • Only One by Reem
  • Into My Arms-2011 Remaster by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Boatman’s Call
  • Higher by Reem
  • The Silence by Hammock, Kenotic
  • Don’t Want It by Tony K
  • Youth, Daughter, If You Leave
  • Run by Tony K
  • You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor
  • Solo by Tony K
  • In the Middle of This Nowhere by Hammock, Oblivion Hymns
  • Among The Living by ‘The Thorns’
  • Like a Valley With No Echo by Hammock, Oblivion Hymns
  • Lily White, Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Mona Bone Jakon

Where can you listen to the soundtracks of After Life Season 2?

You can listen to all of the official soundtracks of season 2 on Spotify.

Where to watch After Life Season 2?

After Life Season 2 was officially released on 24th April 2020, and you can watch all the six episodes on Netflix.

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