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Insatiable Season 2: Spoilers, Air Date, And Updates

Netflix is known for the sheer kind of diversity its TV shows have, like for example with Insatiable. Insatiable Season 1, joined the league of shows such as 13 RW that was almost about to be canceled due to mounting public pressure but didn’t. But Insatiable was a step ahead, and people almost got it canceled even before it was out.

What I am talking about is the petitions that began to be carried out as soon as the trailer came out in July. But we are talking of Netflix here, so what the mega digital giant did shut mouths of all critics, it released Season 1 and had already renewed Season 2. Which naturally leads us to the question, when will Insatiable Season 2 come out?

Insatiable Season 2

Insatiable Cast

The exact update for Season 2 of Insatiable remains unannounced. But the fact remains that the second season was ordered only in September, which means that Season 2 is it works right now. And it will be released in 2019. August 10, 2018, Season 1 of Insatiable premiered. So it’s quite possible that we’ll see Insatiable Season 2 released at around the same time. We’ll update this page as soon as we have an exact update on the same.

As goes for the trailer release of Season 1, it was out on July 19, and the same season hit the streaming service within a month, approximately on August 10, 2018. I, therefore, will assume that the same will be true for the second season. The trailer will come out a few weeks before its release. But then again, it’s Netflix, so you really can’t tell when it decides to bomb things on us.

Insatiable deals with the story of Patty (portrayed by Debby Ryan), who was badly bullied because of her weight issues at high school. After she loses weight, she decides to seek revenge from those who hurt her in the first place.

Updated on March 27, 2019:

Insatiable received over 200,000 online petitions for its cancellation. The series received negative comments and reviews for its fat shaming and statutory rape. However, this did not stop Netflix from renewing Insatiable for a second season.

Crazy Ex- Girlfriend’s actor Vincent Rodriguez III joins a recurring role for Insatiable Season 2, at the very moment no details are known on what role he will be playing on the second season.

Arden Myrin who appeared in a total of eight episodes in the first season has been promoted to a series regular for Insatiable Season 2. Arden Myrin plays Regina Sinclair, a self-centered, trash-talking, amoral pageant mom, with a thirst for power and a flair for the dramatic.

We will update this post, as we have more updates on the show.

Updated on 7 May 2019:

The fans are waiting for the show anxiously, although there are critics who are not at all happy with the show getting more episodes. But the show has made it to the top-ten list of Netflix’s most streamed shows, so nothing else matters. If the show is popular, it will get more episodes.

Offended viewers even signed petitions and did everything to stop the show, but it is unstoppable! Lately, there have been no updates about the show, but I believe that it is a sign of everything being on schedule. Therefore, we expect the next season to release around August this year!