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Sweet Home Season 2 is Happening: Netflix Clarifies All Confusion.

sweet home season 2 release
cr: Netflix

Hello Kdrama lovers, there’s good news.  Sweet Home season 2 is happening. The hit thriller drama that came out last year in December left us asking for season 2. And now, Netflix has cleared all your answers. The production company also revealed important information on Sweet Home season 2. Although its arrival is not confirmed, but the Kdrama fans are happy to know that season 2 is happening. Now that the news is confirmed let’s get to learn more about the new season.

sweet home season 2 release

Song Kang in Sweet Home (cr: Netflix)

On July 9, Netflix Korea cleared all the fuss on Sweet Home season 2. The industry representatives informed that the filming for season 2 would begin in December. Based on the webtoon of the same name, Sweet Home tells the story of a lone-wolf high school student who encounters terror as humans transform into monsters around him after he shifts to a new apartment building.

The show was a hit on Netflix. And it demanded a second season.

Sweet Home Season 2 on Netflix

Sweet Home season 2 does not have any release date or production details right now. As told by Netflix, it will start filming in December 2021. So, we can expect the second installment to drop in mid-2022. Also, the main cast from season 1 will join the second season. It includes Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, and Lee Si Young. Currently, it is not confirmed if Lee Do Hyun will join or not.

sweet home season 2 release

Sweet Home (cr: Netflix)

As for the plot, Sweet Home S2 might adapt from the webtoon it is originally based on. Moreover, we can expect to see a new story based on the same genre.  If a new storyline will be penned down, there is also a chance to meet new characters. In season 1, Lee Si Young’s character was an addition to the show as it is not present in the webtoon. So, we might see some changes in this season as well.

So, are you excited for season 2? Watch the first season here in the meantime.

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