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Haikyuu Chapter 402 Spoilers, and Recap


The match still continues, BJ 25:24 Alders both players from the team are exhausted from the pressure coming from both sides. Kageyama is facing Hinata who throws the ball towards him and Kageyama blocks it back. Kageyama thinks that Hinata will face someone who is better if he manages to get better. Let’s take a look at what will happen below.

This coming Sunday we will be looking at the Haikyuu Chapter 402 a  recap of the last chapter. Hinata fires a cannon that makes Kageyama block it using his two hands. Hinata is waiting for the ball that is too high for him and he manages to send it back of the court. Ushijima is amazed by Hinata’s performance.

Haikyuu Chapter 402 update

Haikyuu Chapter 402 will be released on Sunday, 19 July 2020.  You can get new chapters of Hakyuu every Sunday. The spoilers of this chapter are not yet released they are released 3 days before the release of this chapter. We will keep you updated when they are released. Let’s take a look at the recap and where to read Haikyuu down here.



Previously on Haikyuu Chapter 401

Hinata, Kiyoomi, and Bokuto keep on showing their grate skill and different techniques that keep on scaring Alder players. Ushijima manages to dig in the cannon coming from his opponent and Hinata sends it back to the Alders side and it finds no one. Hinata jumps up high with a big smile on his face that he managed to increase the gap by 2 points.

BJ 26:24 and the set count is 3:1 with BJ leading. What a great performance from both team big round applause to the BJ who has to manage to thrash the champions. The game is over with big respect from Alders player to Hinata. Kageyama told Hinata that he finally made it and Hinata replied that he is here now.

They are both standing talking to each other as professional players do. meanwhile, other players are exchanging shaking their hands. They both talked about all the games that they have played. Hinata told Kageyama that he has won 1o96 games. Romero thinks that next time they are going to win.

In the next Tokyo Olympics volleyball, Hinata will be wearing jersey #10 and Kageyama will be wearing #9. The next games will take place in the Ariake Arena.

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