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Balance Unlimited Episode 9 update, Preview, and Spoilers

Balance Unlimited

This month we will be concluding this Anime with only two episodes, let’s see if Daisuke will be able to find the truth. In the last episode of Balance, Unlimited Haru wants to know the truth about Daisuke’s action. The director revealed the truthy about the murder case of Sayuri Kambe. Haru ends up knowing that Dasuike wants to know what happened to his mother in the past. Sayuri Kambe is Daisuke Kambe’s mother she was murdered when he was still young.

Kambe wants to find the real culprit to be in peace. It was a rainy day at night Daisuke was drenched coming back home and he finds a man standing in front of the dead body of his mother. The unknown man was holding a knife in his hand. Back to the present Nakamoto thought that the reason Dasuike came to their division is to protect the Kambe family.

With only 2 weeks left to reach the episode finale of this Anime lets see how Dasuike is planning to solve the mysterious murder case. Today we are going to talk about  Balance Unlimited Episode 9 update, preview, and recap. Take a look at the Anime weekly release schedule down here.

Balance UNLIMITED Episode 9 will be released on Friday, 11 September 2020, at 12:55 AM JST. Note that the time is in Japanese standard time, so you might want to convert it to your local time if you want to get the episode immediately after its release. To some of the countries, this episode will be airing on Thursday. Let us move to the recap and episode preview below.

Balance Unlimited

Balance Unlimited

Previously on Balance Unlimited Episode 8

Nakamoto, Haru, and Dasuike are together inside Kambe’s home they are discussing the murder case. Haru thought that they were after the same thing but Nakamoto and Dasuike want to find the truth about the murder case. Nakamoto talks about the substance called adollium that was part of a murder case. Nakamoto doesn’t know what that dangerous substance is. Haru asked what should we do with Takei.

Nakamoto says Takei doesn’t know everything he should have more information so that they can draw out. Daisuke said that they must do interrogation in his office since he doesn’t trust the police. Nakamoto sends Haru to find more information about the murder case while he enjoys dinner with Kambe. Haru sneaks inside the modern crime prevention task force preparation room.

When Haru is inside the room to get some information the director appears and switches on the light. He asks Haru if he is working with Nakamoto and Haru replied yes. The director said that Nakamoto is almost at retirement age just like him. The director opens his locker and shows more boxes that have information to Haru. The director left saying that Haru must tell Nakamoto that he is old and he must take it easy.

Takei spends 24 hours inside confinement room Nakamoto visits him and offers him Japanese booze. Meanwhile, Daisuke is worried about what happened to his mother. Daisuke’s parents used to quarrel about the laboratory that Daisuke’s father was part of. Daisuke remembers when his father said he won’t let anyone get in his way while talking to his wife. Nakamoto explains that Sayuri met with Daisuke’s father in the laboratory.

Daisuke tries to find information using HEUSC and HEUSC refuses to give confidential information. Later an unknown man that looks like Daisuke’s father enters the building where Suzie is and she points a gun at him. Daisuke saw him on CCTV and he is surprised how an unknown man knows how to shut down the HEUSC system.

The unknown man removed his mask in front of Suzie who said ” I didn’t know you were still alive.” After an unknown man makes Suzie fell unconscious he went straight to Nakamoto and Takei. Later Haru is angry at Daisuke that he left Nakamoto and Takei to die. Suzie is just badly injured lying on bed and the director is worried that he told Nakamoto to take it easy. In the next episode, we will find how they get killed.

Balance Unlimited Episode 9 Preview

Note that every Thursday the new updates of this Anime will be available for you. That’s what we manage to get for today about the latest upcoming episode of Balance Unlimited. For more about this Anime, you can use this link to visit the official website.