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One Piece Episode 946 Preview, and Spoilers

One Piece

Things have become worse at Udon Prison Big Mom is putting on a show looking for her Red Bean Soup. Queen thinks that everything belongs to him and he got punished for that thinking that he stands a chance against the giant lady. Everyone is shocked to see how Queen got punished by rampaging Big Mom. Hyogoro said it is a strong lady and Luffy reveals that she is the Emperor of the sea. Chopper spots Luffy at a distance and he also notices that Olin is strong just like when she was Big Mom.

Queen suddenly wakes up and pretends as if he is not hurt. He jumps up high to the sky aim to land a finishing blow to Big Mom. While he is flying he said he is going to make Big Mom a cracker and eat her. Big Mom manages to stop the powerful attack and hold Queen above her head. Queen thinks that he is defeating Big Mom and teases her that he has the head of the Emperor of the Sea. He made things worst by saying that the Red Bean Soup belongs to him. Big Mom’s eyes got red and pin Queen to the ground after putting him in great pain.

This week will be focusing on One Piece Episode 946 preview, and recap. Take a look at the details below so that you won’t miss any updates.

One Piece Episode 946 will be released on Sunday, 18 October 2020, at 9:30 AM JST. Note that every Sunday this Anime will be releasing a new episode. For you not to miss a new episode change the JST time to your local time. Let’s move to the updates down here

One Piece

One Piece

Previously on One Piece Episode 945

Big Mom gave Quen the whack of the smack and sends him flying and the wall of Udon get destroyed. Captain Kid and his friend got saved from drowning inside the water after the attack. After being brutally beaten Queen transforms back to his normal self. Queen allies can’t believe that a man with 1.3 billion berry bounty got knocked out in just two hits. Big Mom smells the Red Bean Soup while the guards are going to report to Kaido. Caribou stole the Boss Snails for the signal not to be transported at Udon.

Raizo went to steal all the keys to free the Luffy and other prisoners. Big Mom grabs Queen’s pot and she started celebrating that she got the Red Bean Soup to herself. She fell in love with the pot when she wants to eat she find out that it is empty. The guards notice that and they started abandoning Udon while Luffy is praising how delicious Red Bean Soup is since he is the one who finished it. Luffy said that out of foolishness and asks why is everyone looking at him and Hyogoro said that he said it loud that he ate it.

Luffy said that he said it silently to himself and he said again it was delicious while Big Mom is listening. Chopper is happy to find Luffy that he is the center of the trouble. Big Mom throws the pot at Luffy’s face nad he punched it away. Big Mom smells Luffy and said he smells like Red Bean Soup and she started attacking Luffy. If Luffy steps out of the ring he will be dead due to the collar around his neck.

Luffy told Big Mom to wait and Big Mom asks who is Big Mom and she asks who is Luffy. Luffy is in trouble only a single piece of the ring is left and he’s got nowhere to run. Big Mom wanted to share the soup with people from Okobore’s town since they were so kind to her. Big Mom sends Luffy and Hyogoro out of the ring and they about to die. Luffy powers up and uses his Haki to destroy the collar around his neck along with Hyogoro.

Luffy is happy that he broke the collars and asks Hyogoro what did he do. Hyogoro is just shocked and Luffy told him to run away Hyogoro stands in front of Big Mom. He calls Luffy to protect him so that his true power will be revealed. Luffy went behind Hyogoro and face Big Mom he is about to unleash a new Haki called Ryou.

One Piece Episode 946 Preview

We advise you to come again next Sunday you will get another update of One Piece. For today that all we have to offer for you, that was all about the latest preview and details up above.