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Seraph of the End Chapter 96 Spoilers, and Recap

Seraph of the End

A demon that looks like Mika as a child wants to find a human and devour their desires. Yoichi carries Krul who is unconscious as Shinoa and Mitsuba look for something to drink. Yu is happy explaining everything that happened to Kimizuki. Later the girls enjoy drinking soda but turn out to be alcoholics. Kimizuki looks at his sister before watching how Yu has grown stronger in their fight. Kiseki feels that Kimizuki is stronger than Yu and two demon horns and twin coffins appear.

Yu is trying to find a way to become stronger. Kiseki saw that Asuramaru is nearby and ask if his memories have come back. Meanwhile, Kimizuki checks Mirai who is kept deceased inside a refrigerator. He thinks that the lack of degradation is because of all the experiments she went through. Kimizuki takes his sword out in front of Yu and Yoichi now knows that Yu and Kimizuki are in battle.

Today’s post is about the Seraph of the End Chapter 96 spoilers, and recap. Let’s start by looking at the following details then move to the latest development below.

Seraph of the End Chapter 96 will be released on Tuesday, 3 November 2020. Seraph of the End will still continue to release its new chapter every month. The spoilers of Seraph of the End Chapter 96 will be available three days before the chapter is released. We will keep you updated about the spoilers. Take a look at the recap below.

Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End

Previously on Seraph of the End Chapter 95

Shinoa thinks the fight between boys is for them to see who is stronger. Mitsuba said that girls decide who is best by the way they are fighting. Kimizuki quickly stabs Yu and they started to exchange attacks and Kumizuki started to think about Yu’s strength when they both have black demons. He got angry when he noticed that Yu is not taking the fight seriously. Kimizuki wants to save his sister since he was overcome by Yu’s attacks and decides that he will not lose.

Kiseki thinks that Kimizuki is going to save Mirai for show and Kimizuki is weaker than Yu. Kiseki said that Kimizuki has already given up on his sister deep down in his heart. All he really wanted was a peaceful life and he feels guilty that he let them kill his sister. Kiseki reveals that Kimuzuki cares about his friends and he is losing what he needs and wants. Kimizuki asks what he needs and hears that he will have to figure that out himself.  Kiseki wants him to forget about everyone and hear his soul and voice.

Kimizuki wants to win the fight at all cost he can’t take it when Yu always win all the time. Kimizuki opens his heart to Kiseki who granted him powers. Yu started to see two demon horns appearing from Kimizuki’s head and two of  Kiseki devil’s coffins. They attack Yu who still remains powerful. Krul awakens and looks for her brother, she finds Shinoa and Mitsuba. They think that Krul is a new opponent. Kiseki within a realm where Asuramaru approaches.

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