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One Piece 960 Official Spoilers Are Out: Kozuki Oden’s Past Revealed

One Piece Chapter 960 spoilers are finally out and this week, we’ll get to see the past of Kozuki Oden, as expected. The Oden Flashback was one of the most highly anticipated flashbacks in the series for us, and we believe lots of you hold the same opinion. Kozuki Oden is easily one of the most enigmatic characters in the series, so we want to find out more information about the him and this chapter sees to it that we do. Without wasting any more time, let’s get right to it then.

One Piece Chapter 960 Official Spoilers

In the upcoming chapter of One Piece, we’re going to see Kozuki Oden’s past. It seems that Oden was a born badass. At age 0, he is supposed to have caught rabbits, while at age 4, he killed a bear by throwing a rock at it. Furthermore, he went to casinos before the age of 10, and was banned as well. In the flashback, we see him use a skeleton as charcoal to warm his oden soup. His father, Kozuki Tsukiyaki is also revealed at the Flower Capital, and surprisingly, he bears a lot of resemblance to Kurozumi Orochi.

We also see Kin’emon, who was once a young thug in Wano Country. Kin’emon’s wife, Otsuru is also revealed to us, and she was a beautiful woman in the past. Meanwhile, we get to see a young Denjiro as well, and it seems that he has striking resemblances to Koushirou from Zoro’s hometown. Whether he’s actually Kyoshiro (from Orochi’s castle) or not remains to be seen.

One Piece Chapter 960 will be out officially by Sunday, October 24, 2019. Are you excited about the chapter? Let us know in the comments section below!

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