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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Releases New Sephiroth, Tifa, And Aerith Stills

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

One of the things that shaped a lot of children’s childhood gaming experiences is Final Fantasy 7. With the most anticipated Final Fantasy 7 remake, gamers can finally see the characters from the game in a more detailed and more visually appealing graphics. Square Enix seems to be hyping up the game with magnificent stills that can make its fans want more of it.

Since its announcement, the Final Fantasy 7 remake has been one of the most anticipated games for the PlayStation 4 platform. Although the team released a new trailer a few days ago at The Game Awards, it doesn’t stop them from releasing new visuals which shows how the graphics have been improved for this remake. In the new visuals, some of the in-game effects for Tifa and Aerith are also revealed.

Final Fantasy VII was released back when the first PlayStation was considered as the best gaming console in the world. Since then, it became one of the classic games that change the way how role-playing game works. Although the original game was blocky and characters are barely animated in humanoid proportions, the game became a hit worldwide with its brilliant gameplay and storytelling.

Square Enix is slated to release the Final Fantasy 7 remake this March 3, 2020. Although it is expected that the same story will be used, it was announced earlier that the gameplay would be similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy. Both the original character designer, Tetsuya Nomura, and the original director Yoshinori Kitase came back to participated in the creation of the new material for the remake.

The remake was first attempted in the early 2000s when PlayStation 2 was on its peak. Later on, a demo was shown in 2005 for the then flagship console, PlayStation 3. However, it was only officially announced to be in full development stage back in 2015.