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Worzel Gummidge Review: The Snowman With Vitamin D

Wozel Gummidge cannot exist without Pertwee. Mackenzie Crook has the power to bring Ten Acre Field’s scarecrow back to life, who tend to get mad too quickly. Crook has a love for the English Countryside and likes to feature it in his shows like the one that can be seen in the tale of the middle-aged hobbyist Lance and Andy.

Why is Worzel different?

He created Worzel, not to be of such a bad temper, and is gentle than Pertwee’s incarnation, who was stubborn and was prone to get mad when his ego got hurt. He has a huge difference from him physically as well as he is not turnip headed, root fingered, stick figure guy.


Susan and John serve as the means for the audience to witness Worzel in The Scarecrow of Scatterbrook. The two siblings have come to the farmlands to enjoy their summer and work for Mr ans, Mrs. Braithwaite. They transform quickly from the city kids who waste their time of phones to children with simpler lives with the only sound to be heard is the tweeting of the birds.

Aunt Sally has been seen changing back to the Euphan Todd model, and Earthy Mangold, who is Worzel’s wife in the books, is played by Francesa Mills. The movie also focused on some ancient mythology and folklore of England with haunting soundtracks, but besides that, there are themes of funny, cheeky, magical, good vibes that can be watched with family. This lets us watch it as a show perfect for Christmas

The show has secured its chances to win the audience’s hearts because of its features of children making friends an inanimate figure who comes to life and does so many wonders. In a way, it is the Snowman with added vitamin D. Fans are really excited to watch the show, and it can be watched on BBC One.