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The Ranch Part 7 – Will Danny Masterson’s Rooster Return?

The Ranch Part 7 Danny Masterson

The Ranch Part 6 dropped on December 7, 2018. Although there were talks of The Ranch Part 6 getting delayed, it aired prior to what fans were expecting, and I hope same is the case with The Ranch Part 7 as well. As you may know already, The Ranch has already been renewed for Part 7 and Part 8. We don’t have an exact update for The Ranch Part 7 right now, but it is believed to come out sometime in June 2019.

The Ranch Part 3 and Part 5 both arrived in June, and I think we may see Part 7 release in June as well, later this year. As we head closer to The Ranch Part 7, there’s only one question on the minds of the fans. Will we see Danny Masterson’s character, Rooster, return? This is a very controversial topic that has been the center of attention many times throughout the last two years now. If you watched The Ranch Part 6, you probably know that Danny Masterson was not involved at all. He was cut out of the show. But is there a chance for his return in The Ranch Part 7?

Danny Masterson Rooster The Ranch

Danny Masterson’s Rooster

Back when the trailer for The Ranch Part 6 dropped, some fans even launched a campaign on Twitter, and they wanted Danny Masterson to be in the show. Some fans of the show started using the hashtag #BringRoosterBack.

Although we didn’t get any indication ok his return back then, it is possible that he may be included by The Ranch Part 8? Who knows. The chances of him returning are very low, and in my opinion, this is done and dusted already. But, there’s still a slight possibility of his return, and many fans would like to see it happen because according to them, the show isn’t the same without him.

Danny Masterson was cut out of the show due to some sexual allegations surfacing against him. He has maintained his stance on the issue by denying everything.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that suggests Danny Masterson will be back as Rooster for The Ranch Part 7, but if you want him back, you can still hope. The power of the fans on the internet really is limitless.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Barbara from MN

    January 5, 2019 at 1:30 am

    Please bring Danny Masterson back as Rooster on The Ranch. He and Ashton make that show. Their humor feeds off each other. It’s a great show because of them. The past episodes without their humor together was really missed and kind of flat to say the least. If Danny did make a mistake in his private life hopefully he will find a way to be forgiven. Love The Ranch show!

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