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Doors of Stone: Latest Updates

Doors Of Stone update
Doors Of Stone

Patrick Rothfuss has been fairly quiet about his third book. The fans are desperately awaiting the third book in the Kingkiller trilogy. Since the final days of his annual Worldbuilders 2018 fundraiser, Patrick Rothfuss has not posted on his blog but, he made a post a few weeks back.

Patrick Rothfuss didn’t talk much about the third book. He said that he is getting all the little pieces together so that he can start the creative work as soon as he can. The third book is the sequel to The Name of the Wind (2007) and The Wise Man’s Fear (2011). The third book has currently titled The Doors of Stone.

Rothfuss wrote, “I have a couple of ongoing projects that I’d *really* like to finish before the heat death of the universe.”

He also said that in addition to Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3, he is also working on a graphic novel. He has collaborated with artist Nate Taylor. This won’t be the first time that the two of them would be working together. Rothfuss revealed that his collaboration with Taylor would be a Kickstarter project. It is slated to be sometime in 2019.

There seems noabout theof the book. It’s astounding when you realize that the last book came out in 2011. The fans are definitely annoyed with the amount of time that Rothfuss has taken and they are still left to ponder when the third book is out.