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Avenue 5 Trailer, Plot and Details

Chernobyl has enjoyed a lot of critical and commercial success on HBO and Sky, who are co-producing a new reputed show, which is going to be a special one. Avenue 5 is a science fiction comedy series that definitely looks like an odd mixture. The cast consists of talented artists, and overall, the show looks promising from here.

Avenue 5 Trailer

Avenue 5 Plot

The show has taken an awkward theme that will feature a comedy theme in a space tourism industry. The show follows Captain Ryan Clark as he struggles to control his crew and tries to navigate a spaceship known as Avenue 5 back to earth. He wants to prevent the death of passengers along the way back. The fans can expect many sharp one-liners and will feature massive comedy, as mentioned before.

We will get to see lots of special effects like many and legendary comedic performances. British writer Armando Iannucci has created the show in the hope of producing something out of the box. Iannucci is known for his political satire. His famous works are The Thick Of It and The Death Of Stalin.

Fans are excited about the show mainly to watch what extraordinary stuff it has to offer. The theme of the show is such that it is tough to imagine or predict what we might see. It is expected that the show will try its best to use is science fiction resources to impart great humor and comedy in the show. The show might not disappoint people who are looking or science fiction as well.

Avenue 5 update

The sci-fi comedy series will come out in the UK on 22 of January at 10 pm on Sky that will be around three days after the US broadcast.