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Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet Season 1: Plot, Cast and update Details

Mythic Quest
Mythic Quest

A hilarious 2020 Workplace comedy, Mythic Quest is available on the streaming platform, Apple TV+. It is the first comedy sitcom series to be premiered on the streaming platform and has already received huge acclaims for fans and critics. Apple TV+ will enable you to watch unlimited shows and movies at the cost of $4.99 after a seven-day trial. So, why always watch Netflix?

The creators of the show include Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day. They are also known for their works in “It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The series follows a team of video game developers as they create problems among themselves and take the challenge to solve them so that they run a popular World of Warcraft-style video game.

As of now, the reviews for the series have been fairly positive with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a whopping 80% in the audience score. The series is celebrated by the critics as “Silicon Valley” for Game Developers.

What is Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet Season 1 Plot?

The Apple TV comedy is about a fictional video game studio named, “Mythic Quest” who is on a venture to produce a World of Warcraft-Esque online game and their first big expansion named, “Raven’s Banquet.”

The series centers around the team of developers led by Ian Grimm, who try to work together but are always at odds with each other. The  Show tries to portray a bunch of misanthropes working together, and the events of the telecast are seasoned with dark comedy and toxic relations.

In a nutshell,  we can say that the show gracefully handles a number of serious issues plaguing the Video Game Industry. The actors are committed to their neurotic roles and leave the potential for a much more deeper storyline in the fictional workplace.

However, the show does lack consistency in events and the humor contained therein. The character of the series is overly cynical, and we, as the audience, fail to connect with their roles as of now. But the Rotten Tomatoes is happy to give 77% “fresh” score to the series.

Who is Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet Season 1 Plot?

The lead male cast of the show is Rob McElhenney, who performs the role of Ian Grimm, the creative director of Mythic Quest.

Other lead actors of the cast crew include David Hornsby, Danny Pudi, Ashly Burch, F. Murray Abraham, Imani Hakim, Jessie Ennis, Charlotte Nicduo, among others.

When is Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet Season 1 update?

The sitcom comedy series, Mythic Quest, is already streaming on Apple TV+ from February 7, 2020. So, go, watch the show and enjoy it! We will keep you posted with the latest developments.