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One Piece 973 Reveals Kyoshiro’s And Komurasaki’s Past

In the past chapters, the sacrifice of Kozuki Oden and his demise are revealed. He was eventually killed, but this sacrifice also made the escape of his retainers possible. The flashback won’t stop in the last chapter, as the aftermath of Oden’s death and what happened will be revealed in One Piece 973. In particular, we will finally know who is Kyoshiro and why is he an important character.

For One Piece 973, the moment of Toki’s death is seen. She will send all the Samurai and Momonosuke 20 years in the future to avoid being killed by Kaido and Orochi. At one point, Kaido even had Momonosuke in his hands. But instead of killing, he let the Kozuki “burn along with the castle”. Kawamatsu tried to save Hiyori but was separated because of the circumstances.

If you noticed in the last chapter, there is one retainer who was not seen in the future. That retainer is Denjiro, who has been considered to have died 20 years ago by some readers. However, like Kawamatsu and the other retainers, he actually survived after all these years. At present, Denjiro is in disguise as Kyoshiro, a samurai and a money changer.  He is also the reason why Hiyori has been safe and alive after all these years by also disguising her as Komurasaki.

Denjiro asked Hiyori to not reveal hers and his identity, even to the known allies of the family. This is to ensure that their lives wouldn’t be in danger. With the changes that he made in his appearance, he was sure that even Kinemon won’t be able to recognize him. And indeed, his plans worked, as his identity will not be revealed until One Piece 973.

In addition, Denjiro is also the Witching Hour Boy, who has been stealing money Orochi’s government. How will this revelation affect the current story? We will know for sure in the next chapters, so stay tuned for more updates.