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My Hero Academia Chapter 267 Spoilers, and Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 267 update, Spoilers, and Recap

ReDestro has been finally dealt with in Chapter 266 as he is now incapacitated and is doomed to be captured. So what will happen in My Hero Academia Chapter 267? As things seem to be taking on a different turn of events with Shigaraki expected to make his appearance soon. The weekly schedule for My Hero Academia will have My Hero Academia Chapter 267 released next. So, in this post, we are going to talk about My Hero Academia Chapter 267 spoilers, time. We will also talk more about the Manga’s update schedules so that you can get new chapters immediately after their release. Note that this post will contain spoilers, so if you don’t like them, you can skip the spoilers section below.

My Hero Academia Chapter 267 Spoilers and Predictions

My Hero Academia Chapter 267 Spoilers, and Recap

The spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 267 are already released and translated thanks to SaltandPepperMix for sharing:

“Miruko on the cover page

” Everytime you see the moon, you think of rabbits. ”

Hawks and Tokoyami flashback

Hawks to Tokoyami : ” A weakness? Let me see…if I had to say it, it’d be fire. Mighty Wings would burn after all. ”

Tokoyami to Hawks : ” Then…your countermeasure is ?”

Hawks to Tokoyami : ” Before they fire, act. ”

Hawks’ back getting flamed

Dabi to Hawks : ” You killed Twice !! ”

Dabi at his limit

Hawks to Dabi : ” Is that the face of someone who just lost his friend…?! ”

Hawks being flamed and stepped on again

Dabi to Hawks : ” It’s really sad. ”

Dabi reveals his name

Hawks to Dabi : ” Who are you ? ”

Dabi to Hawks : ” More than Twice. More than anyone. You should have had marked me. ”

compilation of spoiler pictures

— 1st set 5th page —

Dabi to Hawks : The league. Shigaraki. From the start, I never cared. A person’s worth is shown when the world can be changed through one’s own obsession, and only through that. This world doesn’t have true hero. I will fulfill Stain’s idealogy. ”

Hero Commission 1 Hero Commission 2

Hero Commission staff to Hawks : “In order for you to become a special hero, a dedicated regimen will begin. It’ll be harsh…are you okay with that? ”

Baby Hawks

Hawks : ” I want to be like this person too. A hero who beats up bad guys. Just like this person who saved me. For everyone’s shine to brighten. ”

Dabi’s lie

Dabi to Hawks : ” I don’t care whether you live or you die. ”

Tokoyami finally sees Hawks again

Dark Shadow places Tokoyami’s cloak unto Hawks’ burnt back

Miruko inner monologues to herself

Miruko to self : That’s a hit. If I’m hit….oh well. It’s your body. You know your own body the best.

Miruko to self : Their eyes. It’s decided !

Miruko to self : This is interesting….It really is . ” Oh well. ”

Miruko off to smash Shigaraki

Miruko to self : The targets are the old man!! Shigaraki!! As swift as a rabbit! Gotta focus on running away or else my mind will get murky

Noumu : ” Going to the professor? Stupid woman. ”

Miruko’s strong commitment

Miruko to self : If you’re gonna die, do it after finishing your mission. Miruko!!

Ujiko’s face to brighten up our week.

Noumu : It’s cramped here

Miruko to self : (screams) Not yet!!

Don’t give up!

Miruko to self : Don’t give up !!

Editorial text : Don’t break down !! Stand up against evil !!”

When Is My Hero Academia Chapter 267 update?

My Hero Academia Chapter 267 will be released on 5 April 2020. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart My Hero Academia Chapter 266 was released on 29 March 2020, so this makes Chapter 267 to be released by Sunday. Make sure to visit our site regularly as we will bring you more updates as soon as a new chapter is released.

Where To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 267 Online?

The latest My Hero Academia Chapters are available online as soon as they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for new chapters are released 2-3 days before their respective chapters are released. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps

My Hero Academia Chapter 266 Recap

Hawks and Dabi’s fight continues in the latest chapters of My Hero Academia. Although things seem to not be going well for Dabi, we can all be sure that this could not be the end for him as the next chapter will reveal more to us when it airs. Note that the spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 266 are not yet released as of now. We will bring you updates as soon as we get them as they are usually released 2-3 days before new chapters. So, make sure to regularly visit our site for the latest updates.

ReDestro, on the other hand, seems to be in a bad situation as he is incapacitated ad bound to be captured if there are no further interventions from someone else. Gigantomachia will also have a huge role to play, especially when Shigaraki finally makes his appearance. This will probably turn the tide of the battle as the war reaches its climax. Deku has yet to appear in this fight as the fans are now eagerly waiting for him, but that might take a few chapters as there are other developments that might need to happen before he can show up.