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Justin Bieber Announced New Album: Everything You Need To Know

Justin Bieber Announced New Album

Justin Bieber never forgets to hit the news once in a while, and we are going to talk about the same ahead. We have seen him commenting on his wife Hailey’s photos with adorable texts, but he is not limited to that. Recently, we saw him surprisingly performing at Coachella with Ariana Grande, and it was a very energetic moment for the audience.

Everyone was so happy and cheerful there, and why not? When the artist who is one of the most successful youngsters, with a worldwide following, simply breaks out to perform for them. I wish I would have been there, as it was the best moment one can imagine at a concert. Both the artists performed for the audience with their melodic voices, and it turned out so beautiful!

Initially, Grande denied any special appearances on the event, seemed like she wanted to hit the audience right on their face to surprise them. Justin Bieber came out of nowhere, and he performed his hit track, “Sorry,” from the album Purpose: The Movement. Justin Bieber also said that he was performing after two years, and he seemed so happy to address the crowd.

Justin Bieber Announced New Album

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber on stage at Coachella

But there was more than anyone could have ever expected, as he even announced big news unexpectedly. He said that he needed to get his swag back, and then he thanked the crowd and sneakily said, “album coming soon.” I can hear the crowd cheering after those three crowds right at my desk!

The album is not titled yet, but he has said that the album is coming soon, then the title and singles would also be coming soon! He had the last release his album Purpose in 2015, and now we are waiting for the next album, after four years! So, keep waiting and keep checking OtakuKart, for more on this and on other news!