Legends of Tomorrow Season 5: update, And Greatest Villain Cast

Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow just wrapped with a fantastic finale. Season 4 of Legends was spent in chasing mythological creatures, through time travel, most important of which was the demon Neron from turning the Earth into hell. So we are headed onto Season 5 and to discuss the various historic villains that are teased for Season 5. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will see some of the greatest villains that will menace the Legends in season 5. Legends didn’t stop at Neron, but this time around it will take on the worst of all in history.

At the and of Legends of Tomorrow season 4 finale, teaser titled “Hey World!” was shown to us. This brief teaser showed John Constantine and Nora Darhk trying to save Ray Palmer’s soul in hell. Nora has transformed into a Fairy Godmother, she and John met up with Astra Logue. The three ventured into Neron’s vault; wherein lies fortune of Hell’s primary currency, human souls. These souls are tortured by trapping them in thousands of gold coins.

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By the end of “Hey World!”, Astra returned to the Soul Exchange to cash in her coins; this is precisely where lay some of the worst sinners in human history. Following are the historical villains that we are sure about that is going to return in midseason 2020.

1. Genghis Khan: he founded the Mongol Empire of Eurasia that destroyed cities and led to the death of 4 million people.

2. Caligula: this Roman emperor’s reign is infamous for debauchery and human right abuses. He was assassinated in 41 A.D.

3. Mary Tudor: Queen Mary aka “Bloody Mary” the daughter of Henry VIII, tried to reverse the English Reformation by burning hundreds of Protestants.

4. Grigori Rasputin: Rasputin aka Mad Monk, was a self-acclaimed holy man and sexually promiscuous. He was close with Tsar Nicholas II.

5. John Wayne Gacy: he was an American serial killer accountable for raping, torturing and murdering 33 teenage boys in 1970s’ Illinois. Gacy was known as the “killer clown.”

6. Charles Manson: he was an American cult leader of the Manson Family commune based in California. Together they committed nine murders in 1968-1969 Hollywood.

7. Lizzie Borden: she was suspected of murdering her parents with an ax in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1892. She was later on acquitted by continued to remain the main suspect until her death.

8. Joseph Stalin: the Russian dictator who either murdered or exiled at least 5 million Russians to gulags.

For Season 5, Phil Klemmer has told us that the villains will be episodic and not magic based like those of Season 3 or 4.

Referring to more upcoming seasons Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 update is presumed for early 2020 as CW confirmed that Legends of Tomorrow season 5 won’t arrive until midseason. Stay connected with Otakukart as we will update this info as soon as we get any confirmation.

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