Holby City: 20th Anniversary Special Episode, Faye Morton and Joseph Byrne To Return

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BBC’s Holby City has officially made an announcement, it has promised us the return of Patsy Kensit and Luke Roberts as Faye Morton and Joseph Byrne.

The announcement has been made for the medical drama’s 20th-anniversary special episode. You will see all the familiar faces from Holby City make their first appearance since a decade under some very questionable/dramatic circumstances. Oh! And how we have missed the love triangle between the pair- Faye, Joseph and Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel).

There will be a lot of bad blood in the show, bosses have promised, upon the reunification of the trio. As we know their pasts have been messy and that we think will draw them together.

How And When Do Faye And Joseph Reunite On The Show?

Enigmatic nurse Faye and troubled surgeon Joseph should be back for an autumn episode that is to be broadcast the autumn of 2019. We saw how the show Holby City has been talking about bringing favorite nostalgic characters to the front such as Amanda Mealing as Connie Beauchamp, Sharon D Clarke as Lola Griffin, Denis Lawson as Tom Campbell-Gore and Marc Elliott as Isaac Mayfield, the hateful abusive person.

Kensit is excited as hell to be back on Holly City and it is a great honor to be asked back. Faye has not remained the same, as she has changed quite a lot. Roberts said that Holby City is a family, and it was more than a Joy to be back in the surgical scrubs and look at many familiar faces.

Faye Morton
The Enigmatic Nurse Faye Morton Will Be Back With Joseph Byrne This Autumn For A 20th Anniversary Edition of Holby City

Faye and Joseph have had such a troubled past in the show, that it is exciting to see them together on screen again. Luke appeared in the show on January 2006 and Faye appeared a year later in January 2007. Both of them left the show within a month of one another, Faye left the screen in December 2010 and Joseph in January 2011.

Joseph Byrne Holby City
Luke Will Be Back As Joseph Byrne In Holby City’s 20th Special

The special one-off episode is be broadcasted this autumn.

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