Great Pretender Episode 15 Preview, and Spoilers

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Great Pretender

We are now halfway to reach the episode finale of this Anime let’s see how things are going on here. Edamame looks for Thomas and learns that he has a £2 million debt. After Thomas was found by James, Cynthia remembers about her past with Thomas. Thomas was hired to make replicas of famous paintings. Due to this work James end up getting a nickname 007 of the art world. Thomas got a new studio and a well-paying job. The studio is used by James and Thomas couldn’t see Cynthia for a long time.

Back in the past, they meet for the last time at a fancy restaurant when the two ended their romantic relationship. Edamame convinces Thomas to meet with Cynthia at the restaurant so that he can make a forgery of the Snow of London. That will clear Thomas’s debts. Meanwhile, Abby tells James that Laurent is an underground art dealer who sells the paintings he won to the mafia in order to convince him to attend the private auction the Snow of London is being sold at.

This week’s post is about the Great Pretender Episode 15 preview, and recap. The spoilers of the upcoming episode are not yet available. Take a look at the latest development below.

Great Pretender Episode 15 will be released on Monday, 21 September 2020, at 12:00 PM JST. This anime has just shifted to Monday schedule we will update you if there are changes. Take a look at the recap and preview below.

Great Pretender
Great Pretender

Previously on Great Pretender Episode 14

The next day, Edamame shows Thomas the Snow of London for him to create a forgery of it. The Snow of London replica is finished, Thomas’s debt is cleared. Later Laurent’s gang learns that Farrah is selling her real estate for £50 million and that the Snow of London’s target price. The private auction begins the next day in which all the bidders except James and Farrah are Laurent’s associates.

After James and Farrah enter the venue, Abby and Tim work together to save Farrah. The auction begins with the bidders making a high bid for the paintings that beat James bid. After Farrah overhears Kudo and Si-Won talking about the Snow of London’s starting bid of £70 million, she leaves the auction area to ask Tim to collect £20 million. Meanwhile, Abby and Tim reveal to her about James’s true nature.

The action resumes with the Snow of London up for bidding. Abby told James that Farrah is not feeling well but she will pay up to £70 million. Cynthia makes a hunger bid than James going over £70 million which surprises everyone. That makes James raise his bid and win the painting for £100 million and pays it with a bank account. Later Farah decides to cut ties with James. She then gets advice from Tim and uses the paintings she bought for James to open an exhibit at a museum.

Later Laurent’s gang returns to Nice to return the Snow of London to Sebastian and Marie. Marie discovered that the painting is not the same and Edamame apologizes for giving James the real painting. Marie ends up saying the replica is good because of the effort that went into it.

Great Pretender Episode 15 Preview

Come back next week as for today that was all about the latest preview and updates of this Anime. As soon as this Anime releases its new episode we will be bringing another new update of an upcoming episode. Watch Great Pretender officially on Netflix

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