One Piece’s Wano Arc Act 3 Reveals Major Tragedy: What Happened to the Alliance?

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One Piece Wano Arc Act 3

One Piece Chapter 958 marked the beginning of the third act of Wano Country, and it wasn’t anything like what we had expected. This just goes to show that Eiichiro Oda’s thinking is always a step ahead of the fans’. Everyone was left completely shocked when Act 3’s start took a turn for the worse. Instead of getting the fun, and vivid introduction that we’ve been getting to One Piece Act curtain-raisers, this one was gloomy and grim. The day of the raid on Onigashima came right in the first chapter of the Act, and it didn’t go according to the plan.

One Piece Chapter 959 update

One Piece Act 3 Mystery – What Happened To The Alliance?

The plan was to rendezvous at Port Tokage in Udon at twilight and then sail to Onigashima from there. Surprisingly, none of the ships that were supposed to be there were there. Seven of the Nine Red Scabbards were left stranded there and all hope was fleeting away. In a very emotional turn of events, the wills of the Samurai were getting cracked until Inuarashi picked up a boat and decided to press on regardless.

So, what exactly happened? It is clearly implied that Orochi did something, but we think that even Orochi isn’t aware of the real events. We believe that the ships are shifted to some other port right now because there is a traitor, possibly among the scabbards. To smoke them out, these steps needed to be taken. In our opinion, it could be anyone from Carrot, to Kanjuro, to Shinobu. These characters have been very suspicious, and whoever the traitor is will soon be revealed to us.

In the next chapter of One Piece, we’ll likely see what Orochi ordered to do at Port Tokage. However, while Orochi celebrates his success, we’re sure that his men will have been taken care of by the alliance and a new plan will have been formulated right on the spot. Of course, this is all conjecture, but that’s the best explanation that we can come up with right now.

What do you guys think happened in One Piece 958? Is there a traitor in the alliance? Who do you think it is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

One Piece Chapter 959 will be officially out on October 21, 2019. The scans will be out by October 18, 2019.

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