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One Piece: Stampede Blu-ray update Update: When Will It Be Out?

One Piece Stampede Blu-ray update

One Piece: Stampede came out earlier this year in August, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the anime series. Eiichiro Oda worked on Stampede himself to some extent as well, and that assured the fans that the movie would be a wonderful experience.

One Piece Stampede Blu-ray update

One Piece: Stampede Blu-ray update

Since its initial premiere in Japan on August 8, 2019, the movie has gone to premiere in theaters across several countries. However, it’s a known fact that not every country will be getting One Piece: Stampede. As such, the only option for those fans is to wait for the Blu-ray release of the movie.

Even those who have already watched the series will want to buy the Blu-ray DVD for One Piece Stampede because it is just that good. If you’re one of those people, and you’re wondering when One Piece: Stampede will be out on DVD, then look no further! You’re in the right place.

To answer this question, we have to look at some other Blu-ray releases, such as that of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Broly’s Blu-ray came out in April 2016, which is about three months after its U.S. premiere. One Piece: Stampede will premiere in the U.S later this month, which means that the Blu-ray for the movie will be out by January 2020.

Yes, the wait for the movie is long, but it is going to be completely worth it. We’re very excited for One Piece: Stampede’s Blu-ray update, and we’re sure that you are as well!

Here’s our synopsis for One Piece: Stampede:
Stampede is based on a Pirate festival that is held by the Pirates, for the Pirates. A number of big and small name pirates are going to be present. This year, it is all about finding the treasure of Gol D Roger himself. The Strawhat Pirates will be participating in this festival as well. Some other characters in the movie include Smoker, Tashigi, Trafalgar D Water Law and Buggy and his crew. The main villains in this movie are Buena Festa, who has organized the festival, and Douglas Bullet. The magnitude of the fight between Bullet and Luffy is going to be so big that the Revolutionary Army members, Marines and the Warlords will get involved as well.