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Sub Zero Chapter 94 Spoilers, and Updates

Sub Zero

From the recent development of Sub Zero, the general ask Clove to transform into an Azure dragon so that she can save everyone inside the prison tunnel before it collapses. Clove said that she can’t and the general said if it was Kryo he would have done it without giving excuses.  Clove said that she is not who they think she is and the general ask her to do something since their life is at stake.

The generals ask her to explain her inner beast inside her. Clove said that she the vessel of Azure beast just like their prince Kryo and she was born with the tattoos of it. She is different from Kryo because she cannot become one with the dragon and control its powers. If she can she would have done it early before they got into this trap and save everyone and she will never abandon them.

Sub Zero Chapter 94 Recap

Sub Zero Chapter 94 will be released on Monday, 9 November 2020. Note that this Manga releases its new chapter every Monday. But sometimes it skips releasing and release two chapters on the same day just like the last one. Let’s find out what the latest development has to offer to us here.

Sub Zero

Sub Zero

Previously on Sub Zero Chapter 93

While Clove is still explaining the general thinks that she is wasting time and she slaps her. The general call her stupid girls asking her if they are playing a game. Neuron holds the general’s hand asking how dare she lay her hand on the princess’s face. The generals scold both of them that they should have just stayed to their island suffering there rather than giving them trouble since they have done nothing until now.

She told Clove that she can’t even protect anyone and she claims that she has come to this kingdom to protect its people. Fei’s health started to get worse and the soldiers inform Clove. She told her to hold on they are getting out soon and the general said they will either die here or she find another way out. Fei opens her heart to Clove thanking her for what she has done to her life. She told Clove that she reminds her of her mother. Suddenly the building started collapsing and the explosives continue to explode.

Everyone is run for their life and Clove is still with Fei meanwhile, Kryo connects with Red. He is trying to talk with Clove using Red’s powers and he gets through Clove. He boosts her confidence so that she can become one with her inner beast. Clove started connecting with Blue so that she can save everyone while Kry talks with her spiritually.

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