Best Filipino Dramas to Watch in 2021 for Free

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In recent years, people have shown a notable amount of interest in Filipino dramas. They attract the attention of a broad range of spectators, blending the lines of age and gender. The fact that most Filipino TV dramas not only mirror the values involving family bonding but also showcase the Filipino culture and status-quo existing in the society. No matter how dramatic and intense their storyline is, Filipino dramas never fail to please the spectators with their storyline. Unlike the K-dramas and C-dramas, most of the Filipino dramas are long, thus the writers get more than enough time to develop the plot.

2021 have been one of the best years for TV shows and movies, and the same has been observed for Filipino projects as well. If you are looking for some of the best Filipino dramas to watch in 2021, you should definitely check out this article.

7. Marry Me, Marry You

Director: Dwein Baltazar
Starring: Paulo Avelino, Janine Gutierrez, Cherry Pie Picache, Vina Morales, Sunshine Dizon, Edu Manzano
Total Number of Episodes: 45
Where to Watch: iflix, We TV, iWant TFC

Marry Me, Marry You
Marry Me, Marry You

‘Marry Me, Marry You’ is an ongoing Filipino drama with light and relatable story, capturing the traditional family culture of the Filipinos. The story revolves around a couple, Andrei P. Legaspi and Camille Miraflor Legaspi, who battle expectations attached to a traditional married life including that of their extended family and friends.

The viewers have been enjoying the refreshing and promising plotline and have even praised the acting skills of the relative newcomers, Sunshine Dizon and Janine Gutierrez. The show has managed to catch the emotional side of the spectators and are waiting for the finale episode to come out soon.

6. Babawiin Ko ang Lahat

Director: Aloy Adlawan
Starring: Pauline Mendoza, Carmina Villarroel, John Estrada, Tanya Garcia, Kristofer Martin, Dave Bornea
Total Number of Episodes: 63
Where to Watch: Netflix, GMA Network

Babawiin Ko ang Lahat
Babawiin Ko ang Lahat

The show revolves around a young woman named Iris whose life takes a sharp turn after her father’s original family returns. Everything in her life was almost perfect— with a comfortable life and parents who would do anything to protect her. However, before this, her father, Victor, was with a woman named Dulce who had given birth to two children, Joel and Trina, but left Victor for a rich businessman in Japan. Just as he was happy with his wife Christine, the evil woman arrives in the Philippines with her children, after suffering from major financial issues.

Taking advantage of Victor’s kindness, she creeps back into his life, after Cristine dies in an accident. As she grows more comfortable in her new life, she starts seeing Iris as an obstacle. With the help of her children, she schemes against Iris to make her life hell, taking away everything she ever loved, including her property right, the man she loves and her father. She must come out as a strong person in order to protect herself leaving behind her innocence, to get her family back.

5. The Lost Recipe

Director: Monti Parungao
Starring: Kelvin Miranda, Mikee Quintos, Paul Salas, Thea Tolentino, Crystal Paras, Kim Rodriguez
Total Number of Episodes: 52
Where to Watch: GMA Network

The Lost Recipe
The Lost Recipe

The story revolves around a successful chef named Harvey Napoleon, who is particularly known for his recipe of ‘Philippine adobo’ which has been inspired by the ‘Mother of Philippine Cuisine,’ Conchita Valencia. However, when a famous food critic gives his restaurant a one-star rating, he immediately loses his reputation and begins to lose customers.

Amidst a run for not paying the bill, he ends up being at the Philippine Food Museum where he comes across a magical being, who grants him time travel back in the Spanish-era Philippines. He somehow manages to steal a page of the famous adobo recipe by Conchita, thus changing the entire future. When he comes back, he realises that Conchita Valencia is not known there. Not being able to think of any other ways to put back the past in its place, Harvey decides to recreate the lost recipe.

4. Heartful Café

Screenwriter: J-mee Katanyag
Starring: Julie Anne San Jose, David Licauco, Edgar Allan Guzman, Victor Anastacio, Migo Adecer, Kate Valdez
Total Number of Episodes: 40
Where to Watch: Netflix, GMA Network

Heartful Café
Heartful Café

‘Heartful Café’ revolves around a café owner and online romance novelist, Heart Fulgencio, who loves to play the cupid and matches different people visiting her café according to their profiles and personalities. However, she herself has cemented a wall around her heart, guarding it.

When she begins to suffer a decline in her business, a handsome and ambitious man named Ace Nobleza comes into the picture and becomes the co-investor for the café. Initially, the two of them didn’t even want to breathe the same air but with time, love finds its way to come into the scene, setting aside all the differences.

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3. Owe My Love

Starring: Lovi Poe, Benjamin Alves, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Ruby Rodriguez, Nova Villa, Ryan Eigenmann
Total Number of Episodes: 76
Where to Watch: Netflix, GMA Network

Owe My Love
Owe My Love

The story revolves around a miserly but successful doctor named Migs and a financial illiterate, Sensen whose lives get tangled at the most unexpected time. Owing to a series of unfortunate incidents, including paying off her father’s debts and her youngest sibling’s hospital bills, Sensen ends up being the caregiver of Migs’ senile grandfather. Coincidentally, Migs’ grandfather, suffering from middle-stage dementia, mistakes her to be the wife of his grandson.

In order to not make the situation any worse, Migs ask Sensen to pretend to be his wife in front of his grandfather while she continues to pay off her debts to him. However, the spark of their fake relationship gets some oil and becomes real as the two fall in love with each other. Lies in their love story, Migs’ evil stepmother Divina and his childhood admirer Trixie, who can do anything to tear them apart. Moreover, Migs’ grandfather, has been hiding a dark family secret, which, if revealed, can break them up.

2. First Yaya

Starring: Sanya Lopez, Gabby Concepcion, Pancho Magno, Sandy Andolong, Gardo Versoza, Maxine Medina
Total Number of Episodes: 78
Where to Watch: GMA Network

First Yaya
First Yaya

This rom-com drama delivers an aspirational and fairy-tale-like story of Melody Reyes-Acosta, an ordinary woman who gets hired as the nanny of the children of the Vice-President of the Philippines, Glenn Francisco Acosta, who is a widower. After the accession and election, he eventually becomes the president of the country. On the other hand, Melody’s life takes an extraordinary turn as both Glenn and she develops an unusual bond with each other, in spite of all the social and familial obstacles.

Soon after their relationship blossoms into a beautiful and heart-warming bond, a dark secret from their past life comes forth, involving both of their families, which holds the power to destroy their intricate relationship. The series, ‘First Yaya’ is going to have a sequel titled, ‘First Lady’ which has been scheduled to premiere next year.

1. He’s Into Her

Screenwriter: Vanessa R. Valdez
Director: Chad Vidanes
Starring: Belle Mariano, Donny Pangilinan, Jim Morales, Milo Elmido Jr., Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel
Total Number of Episodes: 10
Where to Watch: Netflix, iWant TFC

He's into Her
He’s into Her

‘He’s Into Her’ is a school rom-com drama that centres on a spunky teenage girl named Maxpein del Valle aka Max, who, after the death of her mother, is brought up by her grandmother and uncle in Mindoro. She agrees to live with her recently discovered father’s family in Manila, out of gratitude, when he offers to pay off the hospital bills of her grandmother. However, living in a new city with new people, attending a university with no familiar faces isn’t an easy job. Moreover, she becomes a target of bullying of the basketball varsity captain, Deib Lohr Enrile. She stands up against him in return of which he asks everyone around her to bully and prank Max.

However, the game of Tom and Jerry eventually flips Deib’s feelings for her, who ends up developing a huge crush on her. However, their past lives and relationships keep haunting them along with various family problems that become a threat to the blossoming romance of Max and Deib. The characters are likeable and the chemistry between the leads is amazing, making the drama worth watching for those who love romance and fluff in general.

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