Great Pretender Episode 21 Recap

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Great Pretender

From the previous episode of Great Pretender, Laurent reveals the truth to Ozaki and Si-Won and told them that they must flee. He then heads out to save Dorothy and Chen took her onto Liu’s private yacht. At the yacht, Ozaki told Liu the location of the money. Liu has already planed for Dorothy to get killed and she got shot to death in front of Laurent. After the death of Dorothy, Laurent is only left with the ring she wore around her neck.

He then becomes depressed and Si-won returned to France and start afresh. After few years Laurent met with Cynthia in London who tried to scam him. Laurent got interested in her skills and he decided to form a new gang with Cynthia, Si-won, and Ozaki. Later he recruited Abby in Brooklyn for her fighting abilities. Ozaki serves his prison sentence and becomes Liu’s new interpreter. Let’s find out below what these updates have to offer today.

Great Pretender Episode 21 Recap

Great Pretender Episode 21 will be released on Thursday, 3 December 2020, at 12:55, AM JST. Every Thursday new episode of this Anime will be released. Make sure to proceed with cation this post contains spoilers of the next episode. You can watch this Anime on Netflix.  Take a look down below.

Great Pretender
Great Pretender

Great Pretender Episode 21 Spoilers

Abby, Cynthia, and Ozaki manage to survive the bullets shots from Akemi’s yacht they are all alive. Earlier before the trio got shot Akemi’s gang was tricked. Ozaki’s gun was loaded with paint bullets before they got shot and fell inside the water. Si-won save them and went with them to Laurent’s yacht that is hidden at a far distance. Ed is not aware of the situation he thought that everyone is dead. Liu asks Laurent to become his translator for the upcoming Shanghai Longhu-bang negotiation with Akemi.

Sometime later Ozaki explains to Ed that he didn’t want to see him or Miki for their safety from Shanghai Longhu-bang. Ed didn’t trust what his father is doing. Akemi and Liu attend the video conference meeting with Laurent who is giving false translations to Liu. He said that Akemi wants him to transfer 67% of Shanghai Trading’s ownership to her in exchange for ¥100 billion in compensation.  Ed also gives the false statement that Liu doesn’t trust Akemi and he keeps on tearing the crew apart by telling lies.

Meanwhile, Ishigami is preparing for Liu’s visit to Tokyo, he gets a new chair for Akame with a sword hidden in the armrest. While Chen also hands Liu a ring with a hidden poisonous needle. At the same time, the rest of Laurent’s gang spends a night at a hot springs resort in Hakone. When they are there Ozaki said that their plan is to have Akemi and Liu kill each other in their next meeting.

Great Pretender Episode 21 Preview

This week that what we have to offer for you about the latest preview and updates of the upcoming episode. New updates will be released next week Wednesday as soon as episode 21 is released.

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