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Mustang Mach E Specifications, And Price

Mustang Mach E specifications

The Mustang Mach-E is Ford’s new electric SUV, as well as also a Mustang. Amazingly, it possesses incredible specifications. Let’s go over them, you the customer will have a choice between price, range, and performance. The lowest model will have a rear-wheel-drive car fitted with the 76kWh battery. For the most extended range, you can go for a rear-drive 99kWh model, which is good for up to 370 miles between charges.

As for the performance, you can go for the 99kWh car but with four-wheel drive and twin motors, which will get from 0-60 in about 5.5 seconds. But if you are looking for a true Mustang performance, you will have to wait for spring 2021 for the Mach-E GT. It is reported to have around 465hp and 830Nm from its twin electric motors. And with four-wheel drive, that should mean it’ll go from 0-60 in less than four seconds.

Mustang Mach E update

The Ford Connected Wallbox will charge this car at a rate of 38 miles for every hour of charge, and as for another outlet, it will give you about 9 miles of range per charging an hour. Moreover, you should get an 80 percent battery charge in about 40 minutes if you can find a fast DC charger. As for the interior, you will be able to open this by the car’s key, or via Bluetooth on your smartphone. It won’t have a door handles, instead of that, you press a button hidden in the side of the car. You can still unlock your car without your keys if you lost by tapping out a combination into a keypad set into the door itself.

It has a 16-inch infotainment screen, which is even bigger than the one in the Tesla Model 3. You can open multiple screen windows at once, just like with an Android smartphone. There are many other features such as range predictor that takes account of variables like weather, road gradients, and traffic to give you an accurate range calculation for your journey. The safety features of this car are pretty amazing as it can accelerate, brake, and steer for you on the motorway.

The car can use the brakes if you try to reverse out into oncoming traffic. Plus, if it senses a forward collision and there’s no time to stop, its Evasive Steering Assist can guide you around the potential accident. Now let us talk about the update; the price of Mustang Mach E will start around £40,000 and might be released in late 2020.