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This Morning’s Ruth Langsford Shares The Challenge Of Spending Christmas Without Her Sister

Ruth Langford

Ruth Langsford is the presenter of This Morning and Loose Woman. Recently, she came up with spending her Christmas this year without her sister, which is going to be the first one. Her sister expires this year in June, after a confirmation that she had tragically taken her own life. Langsford emphasized on how tough it is going to be for her to spend Christmas without her sister this time as she has never done this before.

Langsford gets Emotional

Langsford tells in an interview that it is going to be very challenging to spend this time of the year, she will be accompanied by her mom. She wanted to cancel Christmas. However, her sister loves it, so they should celebrate. They are sure about crying a lot but will also try to stay happy and enjoy the day. The family will be honoring her sister, Julia, with lovely Christmas memories. Langsford will also be getting the support from her husband, who was going to spend the day with his family in Belfast but later changed his mind as Langsford will need him more in this difficult time.

The aftermath of the incident

It was really a tragic incident, and it as been barely six months since death. Further, Langsford mentioned about trying to stay busy and satisfying everyone on the day. She doesn’t let it get stressful and enjoys the craziness in the atmosphere prevailing around. With so much of emotions flowing, Langsford is definitely dealing with some challenging times in life. The sudden death was a real shock to her and her family. However, they are trying to recover from it slowly. This eve of Christmas might also act as a tiny step in recovering from the loss, for them. She has also got the support of the fans, which she highly appreciates.