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Paul Bettany Teases Big Battles In The Wanda Vision Finale! What To Expect As The Show Is Just A Few Days Away!

Paul Bettany Teases Big Battles In The Wanda Vision Finale! What To Expect As The Show Is JustFew Days Away!

In a mere few days, Wanda Vision arrives on Disney Plus as Marvel’s first mainstream project since Spider-man: Far From Home in July 2019, marking the studios’ return after almost a year. The pandemic kept all studio giants along with Marvel on hold with many movies and TV Shows in the midst, which are now one by one seeing the light of the day in 2021. On the other hand, Marvel didn’t really stop during the pandemic even though their shows and movies were on hold. The studio kept teasing us with hints, images, and a huge announcement of Phase 4 in the coming years that has kept the fans invested and excited all along. That’s just one of the things Marvel is good at.

As we reported previously, Phase 4, according to Marvel President Kevin Feige, will see a different side of Marvel movies and TV shows as they are set to experiment a lot with their premises and plot ideas. Wanda Vision is one of the first examples as Kevin Feige revealed that the series would be a sitcom based comical show, a style that Marvel Studios has never done before. Marvel’s new experimental side may not fit with the traditional fans who love the gigantic action sequence. Still, a piece of new information from Wanda Vision actor Paul Bettany suggests that experimentation may not mean that Marvel’s old aspects are gone. Paul Bettany has teased in a recent interview that even though Wanda Vision will follow a sitcom styled plot, its set to have some big battles in the series’s finale. So here we are, covering everything Paul Bettany had to say about the big battles in the upcoming Marvel’s Disney Plus series Wanda Vision.

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Paul Bettany On Big Battles In The Finale Of Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision star Paul Bettany recently sat on an interview with and talked about the episodes that will excite the fans most. The actor teased that somewhere near the seven, eight, or nine episodes is where the fans might find some real action away from the 1950s black and white stuff they did initially. Paul Bettany further revealed that with every week and every episode, the fans are set to see one of the decades from the American family’s pop culture and throughout those, much like the titular character finds out; fans will also notice that something is going wrong altogether and something is wrong in the town the couple lives in.

Paul Bettany Teases Big Battles In The Wanda Vision Finale! What To Expect As The Show Is JustFew Days Away!

Pauk Bettany went on to explain that throughout all these episodes where the characters live through every decade of American History, they are bound to get nods of something wrong that may build up to a later conclusion in the final episodes, which could be in the seventh, eighth, or ninth, and that’s where the traditional fans can expect a high-scale big battle from the Marvel Studios’ Disney Plus series.

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What To Expect?

From what Paul Bettany expressed and everything we have reported about the show so far, which you can refer to in the related tabs mentioned in this article, the series at the beginning may follow the comedic fun nature of all the various sitcoms the American pop-culture had in years since the Black and White era of the 1960s which will see the couple of Wanda Maximoff and Vision stuck playing particular roles and setup without knowing what they have got themselves in. The couple may soon find out one by one what is wrong with them or the town they are living in with all the clues they could get from every decade they live in to reveal it up in the later episodes and thus, we might see a big battle in the finale with whoever the new baddie is for the Marvel’s Wanda Vision.

Paul Bettany Teases Big Battles In The Wanda Vision Finale! What To Expect As The Show Is JustFew Days Away!

The show is set to have more visuals than Avengers: Endgame, so if we are expecting a big battle at the end, it would definitely big something huge to witness from the visual side of things. Another thing, Wanda Vision may have been set up to tie-in with Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, so we expect some nods to the future relating to all the prominent moments Wanda is featured in. Also, one more thing about Wanda Maximoff is that Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the role of the character, teased that we may see a different side of Wanda in the upcoming Disney Plus web series as a result of the events she faced during “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Captain America: Civil War,” “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

On the other hand, the first three episodes were screened for the critics who have praised the series and the Marvel Studios for their bold move to do something experimental that has worked out brilliantly. So, even though Marvel has decided to bring something new to the table with their Phase 4, they are also making sure that traditional fans are also satisfied as we are bent to see some huge battles in the end, as suggested by Paul Bettany. This is Marvel’s first project since 2019’s Spider-man: Far From Home, and even though it is just a mere few days away, we will keep you updated about every new information revolving around it, so stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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