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Big Hit Entertainment Acquires SEVENTEEN and NU’EST’s Pledis Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment's boy group, Seventeen, will be under the new leadership of Big Hit Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment, the home to popular K-pop boy groups like BTS and TXT, has acquired Pledis Entertainment. The news comes a year after the company acquired another agency, Source Music, which is home to the girl group GFriend which is one of the most popular K-pop groups right now.

Big Hit Entertainment seems to be making another smart decision by acquiring Pledis, which is home to other popular boy groups like Seventeen and NU’EST, as well as the now seemingly defunct but not officially disbanded group After School.

If the exclusive report by Sports Donga is to be believed, Big Hit Entertainment has completed all the procedures to acquire Pledis Entertainment. Big Hit will have groups like NU’EST, Seventeen, After School, soloists Kyulkung, Bumzu, Yehana, and Sungyeon, as well as the actress Nana under their belt.

Source Music, while owned by Big Hit, operates independently. Pledis may continue in the same direction under its new ownership.

Pledis will move its offices to the new Big Hit Entertainment building in Yongsan.

While the news of its new acquisition has fans excited for Seventeen and NU’EST’s future – since Big Hit is home to literally the most successful Korean act of all time – some are sad that this move happened after Pledis’ girl group Pristin disbanded last year on May 24, 2019.

Pristin was formed in 2016 and comprised of ten members. They even won rookie awards from MAMA and Seoul Music Awards following their debut. However, the management of the group left much more to be desired, as the group went to hiatus for two years prior to their disbandment. The members of Pristin decided to have their contracts terminated and disband from the group following the hiatus.

Fans believe if Big Hit would have acquired Pledis sooner or Pristin had stayed through a bit longer, they could have been saved under new leadership.