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Death Note 2 (Season 2) – First Glimpse At The Manga’s New Main Character, New Story With Similar Faces

Every Death Note fans got excited when they found out that a new story is going to be released this month. The manga is a critically-acclaimed piece of art for the majority of its readers. One of the biggest questions that fans usually ask is how the new main character will exceed the success of Yagami Light’s character?

As it turns out, they won’t. Yagami Light’s reign as Kira is over, and the new owner of the Ryuk’s Death Note is a Minoru Tanaka, a Junior High School student. Like Light, Minoru is regarded by a lot of people as the most intelligent high school student in Japan. However, when it comes to ambitions, the gap is pretty extensive. Here’s Minoru in one of the covers of the new Death Note one-shot.

Upon meeting Ryuk, Minoru will ask to postpone their plans for two years and not act immediately. And rightly, after two years, he and Ryuk created the biggest heist the world has ever seen. Even though the end goal is not as majestic as what Light Yagami would expect, the methodology is quite smart that he would give Minoru a ‘Light’ tap in the back. Instead of using the notebook, Minoru decided to auction it for money and to get rid of it as soon as possible.

This one-shot is set to the future, ten years after the original Kira died. A lot of old characters from the first season will appear, including Near (who is now L), and even the easy to fool Matsuda. All the other members of the task force and Near’s men are alive as well. Will they release another anime for the manga series? And will Minoru also die like the past human Death Note owners behind him? The Death Note Special will be available on VIZ and Shonen Jump’s official outlets.