Trust Me Season 2: Episodes, Cast, And Details

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Season 2 of Trust Me began on BBC1 on April 16. It is British medical drama that began airing on BBC1 since 2017 and is written by Dan Sefton. In February of 2018, Trust me was renewed for Season 2. Season 2 of Trust Me has only three episodes for us to watch. The first episode was directed by John Alexander and written by Dan Sefton. Episode 2 and 3 of Trust Me are directed and written by the same duo. They come out on April 23, 2019, and April 30, 2019, respectively.

The premise of the show Trusts Me revolves around a nurse namely Cath Hardacre who loses her job following a whistleblowing incident. Cath becomes an imposter, steals the identity of a doctor, her best friend to start anew. Trust Me deals with Cath’s new life in Edinburgh with her daughter.

For Season 2 of Trust Me, Jodie Whittaker didn’t come back, but a new cast of actors did. Alfred Enoch is seen in the lead, as is Jamie McCain, a corporal recovering from a spinal injury that leaves him paralyzed. John Hannah and Ashley Jensen also star in the series 2 of Trust Me. Below is the full start cast of Trust Me Season 2.

Jamie McCain: Corporal Jamie McCain is the main patient of Trust Me. He receives a spinal injury and has a PTSD. Alfred Enoch plays Jamie.

Debbie Dorell: The head of physio at the hospital is none other than Debbie. The thing is, she’s a mixed package, not only talented at her job but also sometimes challenging to work with. Ashley Jensen plays Debbie Dorell.

Zoe Wade: Portrayed as an insecure and unsatisfied doctor Zoe has had a problematic past. Zoe Wade portrayed by Katie Clarkson-Hill.

Dr. Alex Kiernan: Zoe’s fiancé is a neurologist, ambitious to become a consultant. He’s seen as an overprotective husband of his future wife. Richard Rankin portrays the character of Dr. Alex. Dr. Laila Karim: Laila is a clinical psychologist at the hospital and a close friend of Zoe. Amiera Darwish plays Laila Karim.

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