E3 2019 Schedules: Press Conference, Times, Dates And News Updates

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E3 is going to be here just in a matter of a few weeks, so today we’ll break down the same. E3 2019, aka The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, will begin from June 11-13 this year. The event will be held in the same old city where it was held previously, in Los Angeles, California, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. There are slight changes in this year’s E3 from the previous years, in that E3 will be different from the rest of the E3’s held before.

The standout thing about E3’s event is that Sony won’t attend as an event host its usual press conference. At the same time, Electronic Arts won’t also be at E3 itself. Electronic Arts this year has opted to host its pre-E3 EA Play event. This event will be thrown open to the public and will include details about games like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Apex Legends. Nevertheless, E3 is hosting other bigwigs in the field of developers and publishers, which include Microsoft, Nintendo, Bethesda, and Square Enix, which will surely deliver announcements on new. Needless to say that this event will cover games, from the developers mentioned above and publishers, the game trailers, and so forth.

E3 may be still a few weeks far away, but we have a list of companies that have announced their involvement in the show. The other reveals that can be expected to be revealed during the respective press conferences is compiled below. There are important times and dates announced for E3 2019. The article will be updated in June when the event takes place.

1. Saturday, June 8: Electronic Arts and Nintendo.
2. Sunday, June 9: Microsoft and Bethesda
3. Monday, June 10: PC Gaming Show, Limited Run Games, Ubisoft, Square Enix
4. Tuesday, June 1: Nintendo
5. June 11-13: 2019’s show floor is open June 11-13 when tickets will be sold.

Following is the detailed schedule of E3 2019:

June 7-11 — EA Play Event

June 8 — Nintendo Invitational Tournaments

June 9, 1 PM PT — Microsoft Press Conference

June 9, 5:30 PM PT — Bethesda Press Conference

June 10, 10 AM PT — PC Gaming Show

June 10, 12 PM PT — Limited Run Games Press Conference

June 10, 1 PM PT — Ubisoft Press Conference

June 10, 6 PM PT — Square Enix Press Conference

June 11, 9 AM PT — Nintendo Direct Showcase

June 11-13 — E3 Show Floor Open

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