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Rambo Last Blood: Teaser Trailer Dropped, And Everything We Know

Last Blood is Sylvester Stallone’s last go-around in the Rambo franchise before the actor kisses Rambo a final goodbye. In February of 2019, a teaser trailer for Rambo 5 aka Last Blood was dropped. But Just a couple of hours ago, a one and a half minute teaser trailer for Rambo 5 dropped, and it looks every but fantastic. Here take a look

About 11 years ago, the fourth Rambo movie came out, that’s when most of us had thought that this would be it for Rambo franchise. Now 11 years later, Sylvester in the trailer reminds us of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, not only in terms of the actor’s look but also the shots, which are identical in most aspects. You hear Rambo saying he’s lived in a world of death, ‘s e watched people he loved die. He further goes on to say that some of his loved ones died fast with a bullet. Some of them weren’t left enough to bury.
Rambo has kept his secrets all these years, but the time has come to face his past.

In the trailer, you see this Vietnam War veteran lining somewhere in Arizona on a ranch. He travels to Mexico to save a friend’s daughter who has been kidnapped by the cartel. As revenge, you see this cartel hitting Rambo at his ranch. But sadly, he has set up booby traps and is unattainable. I was reminded of the James Bond movie Skyfall when Daniel Craig’s 007 does the same.

Rambo: Last Blood is out in UK cinemas on September 20, 2019.