3 Cast Members Added To Let’s Make a Mug Too Anime

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Let’s Make A Mug Too came out for the fans back in 2012 and everyone has been loving it ever since. It is a Japanese manga series that throws light Mino ware Pottery. The location of its story has been set in the Tajimi city of Gifu Prefecture. The story first started its process of serializing with Planet on the internet. Till this point in time, there are almost 33 digital volumes of this manga on the web. Now, back in January of 2021, we witnessed that a second manga series has been created by Osamu Kashiwara on the internet through the Manga Cross Website by Akita Shonen. Recently, in April of 2021, an anime adaptation was brought to light in the form of a television series under the banner of Nippon Animation.

It has been directed by Jun Kamiya while its script has been penned down by Naruhisa Arakawa. As long as its international release is concerned, it has been licensed by Crunchyroll. The first installment of this anime show will wrap up with its final episode later on the 14th of June 2021 and is titled I Want to Win a Prize Now. As of right now, the creators of this anime show have come forth with some brand new information that we never knew before. Thus, in this article, we have wrapped up all the details which you guys need to know about the television anime version of Let’s Make a Mug too.

3 Cast Members Added To Let's Make a Mug Too Anime
A still from Let’s Make a Mug Too Anime

Let’s Make a Mug Too – New Cast Members

Back on Monday, the official website of Let’s Make a Mug Too came forth with the fact that they are now adding three more cast members to the series. The list includes Yuichiro Umehara who will reprise the role of Tomonari Kusano. Then we have Ayaka Suwa, who is going to enact the character of Yukari Osawa. Last but not the least, we will have Katsumi Suzuki set to play the part of Jube Aoki. If you are a fan of this anime and are wondering about where you can access the latest episodes from, then we have got you covered. You all need to hop over to the Crunchyroll platform as it streams the episodes of the anime live while they are being aired in Japan. As for the plot of this series, it is set in the city of Tajimi which is located on the southern side of Gifu Prefecture in Japan. This place is pretty popular for its art of pottery as well as earthenware.

There are a variety of ceramic art museums which are spanned all over the city. At these places, the people can just go on and try their such at pottery and find out their interests in this art. Also, a variety of restaurants in this area, serve the food on Minoware dishes. The main focus of the show lies on a girl who is currently studying in high school. Her family moves to the shopping street in Tajimi. This is where the camera starts following her adventures in this new land where she explores all the artwork while making new friends on the way. But the real question is, how is this story even interesting when all this town has to offer, is art and ceramic? Thus, you guys yourself have to watch the story in order to find out the real secrets that make this tale so intriguing to watch.

This story was first started in 2012 as we have already mentioned above. The tale gets updated by the creators four-time throughout the year. Given the popularity of Let’s Make A Mug Too, we have seen that the manga has a four-panel spinoff story too that goes by the title Naoko no Kobach. Also, you guys should know that a different manga adaptation for this anime came out back on the 28th of January whose original creator is Osamu Kashiwara. The rest of the cast in this anime includes Minami Tanaka who does the part of pottery novice Himeno Toyokawa. Then we have Yu Serizawa who reprises the role of a classmate to Himeno. Yuki Wakai enacts the character of Naoko Naruse who is an anime enthusiast and spends the majority of her time at the club.

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