Zack Snyder Hints Making Movie Based on Anime

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Zack Snyder can be considered as one of the most influential as well as popular directors that work in Hollywood. He has created a lot of DC films in the franchise and we all witnessed the craze when he had to leave the Justice League Project and the fans went crazy over his side of this story. At last Warner Brothers had to give in and release his part of the film known as Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League. As of right now, the director has come forth and made some new headlines in the entertainment sector and we can not help but confess that this one is a piece of pretty great news. The director has revealed that he will be very interested in making a film inspired by Dragon Ball Z if he gets a chance to.

Given the fact that Zack Snyder has made his full career mostly out of the movie adaptations that are inspired by comic books, this new news does not come off as much of a surprise rather than an anticipating announcement. Zack has previously worked on the movies such as 300 as well as Watchmen and Justice League which is set in the DC Extended Universe. All these tales are taken from a comic book. Recently, it was revealed by Netflix that he has scored director Zack Snyder for a variety of animation projects for their platform and we could not be more excited about it. Also, we see that anime remakes, as well as content inspired from their stories, are much of a trend in the entertainment sector right now and thus, as far as the deal goes, we might witness the director exploring this field in the near future.

Zack Snyder Hints Making Movie Based on Anime
Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder Might Make An Anime – Details

Also, if he sits down to make a film for Dragon Ball Z, I bet it is going to blow the minds of the fans with its amazing graphics and extraordinary direction. But well, there is another aspect to this coin as well because the venture of western adaptation of anime series has not gained a lot of success in the world as is seen previously. We currently have a variety of live and action tales in the industry right now that have driven their stories from within the anime world but these projects have not been so well received in the media. As it is seen, most of the successful projects like these have all originated from Japan itself. But Netflix could be seen trying really hard to overcome this formula and have a western take on these anime stories. Like in recent times, we have seen the 2017 version of a live and action Death Note. It was pretty popular but we can not say the fans of the original anime liked it much. Despite it all, the film had a cast studded with stars such as Lakeith Stanfield as well as Willem Dafoe. There are a lot of projects lined up too to release on the streaming giant right now, such as the live and action adaptations of Cowboy Bebop as well as One Piece.

As of right now, it looks like that an anime adaptation that will be created by director Zack Snyder is on the table, because why not? He has potentially discussed in one of his interviews how he is keen on making such a project. There was a brief questioning about making an adaptation of Dragon Ball Z specifically. Although, he kept on discussing any anime adaptation in general and also revealed some personal details. Zack says that he often finds himself watching anime shows along with his kids. The director said that it is not an opportunity which he would want to miss if it came correctly in front of him. Thus, it can be safe to say that sometime in the near future, if the chance pops up before Zack Snyder, he would accept it with open arms. We have seen that he has gone through a bit of a rough phase with the Warner Brothers and is attaching himself to a lot of projects under the banner of Netflix.

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