RHONJ Season 10: Jennifer Aydin’s Bestie Old Teresa To Return Back

Jennifer Aydin has promised all of us that in Season 10 of Real Housewives of New Jersey aka ‘RHONJ’, will be full of scandalous drama. Also, Teresa Giudice has ‘lost it’ in the RHONJ episodes to be aired.

The 47-year-old Teresa Giudice never really left The Real Housewives of New Jersey since Season 1, but she is going to make a comeback. Jennifer Aydin, who is her 42-year-old bestie, revealed that Teresa will be in Season 10 of the upcoming season of RHONJ, she’s also said that the drama will be diva-worthy. Jennifer has called the season “crazy”.

Jennifer will also be more “vocal” about her opinions, on the show as compared to her presence in Season 9, when she was the first cast as the main member. Jennifer has insisted that the drama is going to get real, everyone is going to get goosebumps. She insisted that people do have a crazy perception of the whole franchise of RHONJ, the franchise is fabricated but every bit real. According to Jennifer what’s happened in the previous seasons was so organic and unexpected and that will be back as the old Teres’s back and this time, she has completely lost it.

Jennifer Aydin RHONJ
Jennifer Aydin Has Promised That Old Teresa Will Be Back To Stir S*** Up In Season 10

The next words that Jennifer said We’re now crossing our fingers for major Teresa mood, and that according to Jennifer would be “Teresa-throwing-a-set-dinner-table level of “lost it, ” Jennifer said that Teresa’s wild reactions are warranted in Season 10 and that she is very valid in doing so. We just have to wait and watch and to see what the explosives are all about. Teresa’s presence is explosive, Jennifer has assured us.

The past year for Teresa has been quite a transformative year for Teresa, as she had to publically deal with the fear of husband Joe Giudice, possibly being deported to Italy, his native place. Since October of 2018, Joe has been in custody of ICE, he was released from prison on March 14, he ended up missing the high school graduation of his elder daughter Gia, 18, and the eighth-grade graduation of his younger daughter Gabriella, 15. Joe and Giudice have been married for almost 20 years now.

Teresa Guidice
Teresa Guidice Will Be Angry As Hell In Season 10 of RHONJ

According to Jennifer, Teresa is doing fantastic given her present situation, especially given the fight the couple is waging to have Joe stay in the country ever since his appeal was denied.

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