SF9’s Rowoon and Park Eun Bin Halts Filming For Affection Due To Fire Accident On Set.

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SF9 Rowoon and Park Eun Bin drama Affection halts filming
SF( Rowoon and Park Eun Bin drama Affection halts filming.

Upcoming KBS drama Affection starring SF9’s Rowoon and Park Eun Bin has stopped filing due to a fire accident. Apparently, the drama set caught fire for unknown reasons, and the filming is now postponed. Sadly, a crew member got hurt while putting out the fire. But, no one else from the cast ad crew was hurt except him. A Korean news outlet revealed that the affected staff member was given treatment at the point, while other authorities are looking for the reason for the breakout. Although the team is fine and sound, Affection’s production is delayed for some time. Rowoon and Park Eun Bin will continue filming after some time since the resuming schedule is not decided yet.

Affection or Yeonmo is an upcoming South Korean period drama. Adapted from Manhwa, a Korean comic, it will center around the life of two royal twins- a girl and a boy. Because of her gender, the sister is abandoned in childhood. However, years later, she disguises herself as male and takes the throne. The drama is scheduled to premiere y the end of this year.

SF9’s Rowoon and Park Eun Bin drama Affection Halts Due To Fire Accident On Set

Upcoming Kdrama- Affection- featuring Rowoon and Park Eun Bin has postponed production due to a fire incident on the set. The filming was currently taking place at a Korean Fold Village in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. The extinguishing team put out the fire within 2o minutes, but its cause is still unknown.

SF( Rowoon and Park Eun Bin drama Affection halts filming
SF9’s Rowoon

The Korean news outlet, Star Today, revealed that a source reported about the fire and that it started while the team was shooting at the village. One of the members saw the fire and tried to stamp out the place. And the extinguishing squad is still looking for the cause behind it. A source told the news outlet that the filming for the day was canceled. Also, they have not decided on a schedule to resume it.

The netizens hope that the filming begins soon without any life-threatening incidents. Until then, you can watch Rowoon in Extraordinary You here. 

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