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The Batman: HBO Max’s Gotham PD Spin-off show details revealed

The Batman
The Batman

Recently, with the official release of The Batman’s trailer, there has been a new sense of excitement among the fans, and the trailer gave us the official look of Robert Pattinson as Batman, and sort of gave us the idea of whats to expect from the movie, and now, Matt Reeves is spilling more beans on other aspects such as the spin-off series that will be airing soon on HBO Max.

The Gotham PD set spin-off series was recently announced, and fans were a little bit confused as to how it would relate to the movie that will be releasing next year, however, the director comes to the rescue as he just explained how it would relate to the movie, and we have got all the details you need to know, so here is everything you need to know.

Matt Reeves revealed all the juicy details at the DC FanDome that happened on 22nd August 2020, and according to him, the HBO Max’s spin-off series will be a prequel to The Batman’s story, and it would take place in ‘Year One,’ of the Batman’s Universe. It is ‘the beginning of emergence’ as the ‘masked vigilante’ first appears in the city, and the show will focus on the Gotham Police Department and its crooked inner workings.

The Batman will be set in ‘Year Two’ of Bruce’s career, and in the prequel series, fans will get to see the story from the perspective of the ‘corrupt cops and one in particular.’ He adds that corruption in Gotham PD is ‘enormous,’ and it will be a battle of ‘soul.’ He also revealed that the series would give a lot of detail into the story and all of the rich characters, some of which bare from the comics while others completely new, which they couldn’t have done in a single movie.

Earlier in an interview, the co-writer revealed that the upcoming movie will focus on Bruce Wayne’s past traumatic experiences, and how it affected the person that he turned out to be. The co-writer, Mattson Tomlin said that all of Batman’s actions are basically the ‘reaction’ to his past traumas, and the movie will take a ‘surprising and fun’ approach towards that.

The Batman scheduled to release on 1st October 2021, is directed by Matt Reeves, and the production of the movie is expected to resume again in September 2020. The movie stars Robert Pattinson (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Peter Sarsgaard (Gil Colson), Paul Dano (Edward Nashton / Riddler), Jeffrey Wright (James Gordon), John Turturro (Carmine Falcone), Barry Keoghan (Stenely Merkel), Zoë Kravitz (Selina Kyle / Catwoman), Jayme Lawson (Bella Reál), Andy Serkis (Alfred Pennyworth) and others.