One Piece Chapter 991 Spoilers

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One Piece 991 Spoilers

Things have been going a little slow on One Piece manga as it just came from a one week break and it will be making its return this weekend with chapter 991. The spoilers for the manga have been released early this week so we will also take a look at the latest developments from where the last chapter of the manga left off.

Major developments include the progress in the fight against Kaido, the updates on the request that X Drake made to fluffy of which many people have been looking forwards to. We have the earliest spoilers for the upcoming chapters and we have managed to get them thanks to Comeformystrawhat subreddit, take a look:

The chapter will be titled “Let me Die”

Luffy has agreed to Drake’s request but Zoro interferes and stops him. Jinbe and Franky also joined in and disagreed while Zoro confronts X Drake. This led to their confrontation.

Page One and Ulti attacks strawhatss and Usopp and Nami tries to divert their attention.

Apoo appears and attacks but is blocked by Zoro and X Drake as they make a stand against Apoo.

Kinemon appeared cutting Kaido’s Boro Breath fire attack while on the other hand Jack is defeated. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi’s Sulong forms are respectively revealed.

The manga will be continuing as usual and there will be no break next week.

This will be all the updates for now. More updates are likely to come later in the week of which we will be updating this article as soon as something new comes.

One Piece chapter 991 will be officially released this weekend on Sunday 27 September 2020. This is where we will see more updates on the events going on and more developments on Kaido’s fight with the scabbards. Big Mom’s side is yet to receive more updates so we might also get more on that end.

One Piece manga currently runs on a weekly schedule and you will be able to get the latest chapter on the VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus official websites and and apps respectively. So to support the creators make sure you read your mang from the officially recognised platforms.

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